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Can I order from Bayho as an International Customer?

Canada, Australia, Israel, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Netherlands:
If you are ordering from any of the above 12 countries, go ahead. You will be amazed at the overall value you will be receiving.

South Korea and Persian Gulf (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE), Sweden, Belgium:
There may be some issues with customs, but generally, our customers are happy.

Denmark, Italy, Norway:
Your order may be held by customs, and you may have to pay lots of import duties. Please order with caution.

Austria, Germany, France, Spain:
You are taking a chance in ordering from Bayho, as your order probably (50%) will be rejected by customs, and we will not be able to refund your money. If you have a relative or friend in Ireland, the U.K., or Switzerland, you may fill out the shipping section with their name and address, and fill out the billing section with your name and address. We will ship your order to them. Later on, you can make some arrangement with them to receive your order.

What is your new international customer verification procedure?
We only ship to billing address or alternate address in bank record.

The whole verification process takes 5-7 days, depending on the bank.

What should I do to pick up my package in Germany?
It is best if you can confirm with German customs that there is no problem with your supplement, probably with a German doctor’s prescription. If you are a German patient and have problems with German customs, please prepare a doctor's prescription to pick up your package.

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