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A pet supplement is a product that is intended to help support and maintain a normal biological function.

Modern commercial pet foods are a great boon to pet owners but can fall short of providing optimal nutrition. High heat and long storage times required for processing deplete nutrients. Unregulated "by-products," low-quality protein sources, and refined grains, commonly added for economic reasons, lower the bioavailabilty, or bottom-line nutritional usefulness of the products. Veterinarians are increasingly recognizing that nutritional supplements can lead to better health and resistance to disease in pets. A targeted program of supplementation may mean the difference between your pet thriving and merely "getting by."

Older animals may benefit from antioxidants that fortify their immune system, probiotics that help with digestion and metabolism, and other supplements specifically formulated for senior animals. Diet is one of the cornerstones of robust health. Nutrients from food bolster your petís natural defenses against germs, environmental pollutants, and stress. Deficiencies in the diet often bring on health problems or prolong illness. Notwithstanding the fact that you should always consult with your veterinarian about any known or suspected medical problems, it's very possible that if your pet suffers from a chronic lack of energy, dull coat, finicky digestive system, or susceptibility to infections, it may be due to inadequacies in your petís diet.

A Joint has tendons and ligaments which help stabilize and hold it together. Arthritis in dogs is one of the most common health problems seen by veterinarians. And quite unfortunately dog owners and veterinarians rarely notice the early warning signs of arthritis in dogs because these animals have the character to ignore soreness and discomfort until the arthritic changes in the joints have progressed significantly. Joint supplements for animals are used to treat various joint conditions including arthritis.

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