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DMAE 1% Topical 14 ml

DMAE 1% Topical 14 ml

Code: 885047
Price: USD $19.36
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Category: Professional
Manufacturer: Intensive Nutrition
Mfr Code: 117F

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Product Description
DMAE Amine Topical liquid for skin health and youthful appearance! Paraben-free. Can be applied directly to face and can also use on hands and other areas that show signs of aging. (code#54C)

What is DMAE?

DMAE is described as a "vitamer" and is believed to help improve memory and brain function by increasing levels of the brain neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is broken down into choline , a b vitamin that has many benefits.

Our DMAE topical contains DMAE in its AMINE form. This is the ONLY form of DMAE that is absorbed by the skin. If you are using DMAE bitartrate or are making your own DMAE solution, you are not using the right DMAE product. In addition, Intensive Nutrition's professional quality DMAE topical formulas contain the highest percentage of DMAE. Many other formulas that contain DMAE amine only do so in small amounts and as a consequence do not list the percentage in the product description.

How does DMAE Amine positively affect the skin's appearance?

Acetylcholine is involved to a certain degree with muscle contractions. Application of DMAE for skin may help prevent sagging skin and increase firmness. Our results indicate and after a nightly application of DMAE, skin does appear firmer and tighter. Puffiness is reduced.

Customer testimonials...

"I have noticed a significant improvement in the firmness of my skin"
"...The DMAE topical by Intensive Nutrition is the best I've found"
"...I know I could pass for being 10 years younger than I really am..."

Common skin care questions and answers

Interactions/Precautions DMAE Amine has a naturally strong smell which dissipates 30 seconds after application. There are no known medication interactions with DMAE. If solution enters eyes, rinse eyes immediately with water | We suggest using a moisturizer in conjunction with DMAE 3% solution or gel formulas. Individuals with sensitive skin may find our 1% gel or liquid solution a better selection. | Please consult your physician prior to adding DMAE to your daily regimen.

Water, DMAE amine, Glycerol

Inert ingredients:

Allergen Info:
Free of parabens, yeast, soy, egg, gluten, wheat, milk, starch, artificial colors or preservatives.

Suggested dosage:
Apply morning and evening. Gently smooth gel around the eye area, face and neck, hands and other areas that may need attention. Take special care around the eyes. After 10 minutes, apply preferred moisturizer.

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