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Coenzyme Q-ODT 80 mg 30 tabs

Coenzyme Q-ODT 80 mg 30 tabs

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Product Description
What is Coenzyme Q10?

Coenzyme Q10, ubiquinones or mitoquinones belong to a group of lipid-soluble (lipid = fat) benzoquinones involved in electron transport in mitochondrial preparations. Thus said, Co-Q10 is a VITAL enzyme to all aerobic structures, for it is involved in energy transport! The sites in the human body which require the most mitochondrial action are those which are constantly at work: the heart, lungs, brain. Due to this fact, it is these organs, the heart especially, which are compromised due to malfunctioning or inadequate mitochondrial activity.

Why is Coenzyme Q10 important?

Low Coenzyme Q10 levels have been linked to poor heart functioning, and thus CoQ10 has been used as a nutritional supplement in protection of cardiac muscle in surgery. CoQ10 also plays a role in blood vessel health, blood pressure, muscle degeneration and oral hygiene. Ultimately, CoQ10 aids heart health, post-operative recovery, high blood pressure, oral hygiene and immunity.

Why use Q-ODT?

Our Coenzyme Q10 80 mg formula is suitable for individuals who have trouble swallowing capsules, for individuals who desire immediate activity of CoQ10, and for individuals who desire to use CoQ10 for oral and periodontal health.

Interactions/Precautions Coenzyme Q10 | This product may interfere with Warfarin.| Please consult your physician prior to adding CoQ10 to your daily regimen.

Coenzyme Q10 80 mg

Inert ingredients:
Pearlitol, Dicalcium phosphate, Magnesium Stearate

Allergen Info:
Free of yeast, soy, egg, gluten, wheat, milk, starch, artificial colors or preservatives.

Suggested dosage:
1-2 tablets daily or as directed by your health professional

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