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Folixor Liquid 14 ml

Folixor Liquid 14 ml

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Manufacturer: Intensive Nutrition
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Product Description
"Under-the-tongue/sublingual" Potassium Folate Solution (code#108W)
Try the 30/30 Folixor Challenge. Use Folixor liquid, twice daily on gums, for 30 days and experience less irritation, less bleeding --- HEALTHIER GUMS!

What does Folic Acid do?

Folic Acid is B Vitamin and functions in a fashion similar to that of Vitamin B12. It aids in red blood cell production, and helps break-down and utilize protein. It is essential for DNA & RNA synthesis and thus important for healthy cell division and replication. For expectant mothers, it helps prevent neural tube defects*. Folic Acid helps to protect us from heart disease* because it helps to reduce concentration of artery clogging amino acid, homocysteine. It works synergistically with B12.

Who should consider this formula?

Folic Acid supplementation is essential for all women of child bearing age. It supports heart health as an antagonist to artery-clogging amino acid, homocysteine. Folic Acid may have additional applications for: cervical health, mental health/acuity, oral hygiene.

Why is Folixor® liquid great for oral health?

It has been shown that folic acid directly applied to the gums helps support periodontal health and may counteract negative effects of oral bacteria.

How to take Folixor® liquid

Folixor® liquid is an excellent supplement for individuals who are on the go (and want to keep the supplement in their desk, e.g. women who are looking to get pregnant and want an easy way to supplement with Folic Acid), for people who do not like to swallow or keep tablets in their mouth and it can be mixed into drinks (cold only) as an added vitamin boost.

Interactions/Precautions | Folic Acid | 1 mg of folic acid is considered the UTL dosage of folic acid and should be used with physician supervision. Folic Acid supplementation may mask B12 deficiency and/or pernicious anemia; please consult your physician if you are concerned about B12 levels.

Potassium Folate in alcohol/water solution

Inert ingredients:

Allergen Info:
This formula is free of yeast, soy, egg, gluten, corn, wheat, milk, starch, artificial colors or preservatives.

Suggested dosage:
1-2 drops daily; for periodontal health 1-2 drops directly applied to gums or as directed by health professional

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