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JCTH (Joint Health) 30 Tab eBay Only

JCTH (Joint Health) 30 Tab eBay Only

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Manufacturer: Right Foods
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Product Description
JCTH was designed by a team of Clinical Nutritionists to nutritionally support and enhance the health of the skeletal system, joints and connective tissue. JCTH is a unique combination of select nutritional compounds and botanicals with nourishing whole foods and essential nutrients.

JCTH was created to help alleviate many of the common complaints associated with a decline in muscular-skeletal health.

JCTH has been used successfully for temporary relieving conditions such as tendonitis, bursitis, occasional rheumatic type aches, joint pains, joint stiffness, back pain.

JCTH is also helpful in improving recovery time from sports injuries.

There are four ways in which the JCTH formula helps to improve and maintain joint and connective tissue health:

JCTH was formulated with key essential nutrients known to help normalize cellular biochemistry throughout the body, including the cells of muscles, bones, tendons, and joints. These nutrients also help to: facilitate the synthesis of new proteins, improve the integrity of cellular membranes, support the repair of damaged DNA, and help in the destruction and removal of toxins from tissues.

All of these physiological actions in the body are critical for long-term improvement of muscular-skeletal health. Calcium, the most abundant mineral in the body, is essential for maintaining bone health. Magnesium is also essential for bone health. Magnesium is an extremely important muscle-relaxant and may contribute enormously to the relief of muscles that are in spasm or are tense.

In addition, the Complete Active Range of whole foods in RightFoods JCTH provides joint cartilage and its supportive collagen structure with protective and restorative nourishment and reduced free radical damage.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 3 Tablets
Servings per Container: 60

Amount per Serving
Vitamin C (Vitamin C, Orange) 25 mg
Vitamin D (D3, Alfalfa) 100 IU
Vitamin K (K1, Kale) 30 mcg
Riboflavin (B2, Pumpkin Seed) 2 mg
Vitamin B6 (B6, Green Pepper) 8 mg
Calcium (AAC†) 100 mg
Iodine (Kelp) 100 mcg
Magnesium (AAC†, Alfalfa) 100 mg
Zinc (AAC†, Black Currant) 4 mg
Copper (AAC†, Lemon Peel) 1 mg
Manganese (AAC†, Wild Blueberry) 2 mg
Molybdenum (AAC†, Spinach) 25 mcg
Boron (AAC†, Broccoli) 2000 mcg
Horsetail 560 mg
Green Lipped Mussel 500 mg
Glucosamine HCL 500 mg
Chondroitin Sulfate 400 mg
Methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM) 400 mg
Boswellia 100 mg
Bromelain 50 mg

Complete Active Range™ Food Compounds: 100 mg
Terpenes (Carotenoids††: Carrot), (Limonoids: Orange Peel, Lemon Peel), (Saponins: Alfalfa Leaf), (Lycopene: Tomato); Phenols (Betanin: Beet Root), (Anthocyanins: Cranberry, Wild Blueberry), (Flavonoids: Acerola Berry, Rose Hips, Quercetin, Rutin), (Isoflavones: Kudzu Root); (Enzymes: Papaya Fruit); Polysaccharides (Rice Bran, Shiitake Mushroom), (Pectin: Apple); Organosulfurs Indoles: Cabbage), (Sulforaphanes: Broccoli), (Isothiocyanates: Kale), (Thiosulfonates: Onion); Lipids (Omega-3: Flax Seed), (Sterols: Pumpkin Seed), (Isoprenoids: Spinach); Organic Acids (Ellagic Acid: Black Currant), (Coumaric Acid: Green Pepper)

† Amino Acid Chelates are superior to many other mineral forms.
††Carotenoids including Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Cryptoxanthin, Alpha-Carotene and Lycopene.

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose, Guar Gum, Silica, Vegetable Lubricant.

Recommended Usage: Three tablets daily with or without food, or as recommended by your health care professional.

Free of Herbicides, Pesticides

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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