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RMA (Red Marine Algae) 540 mg 30 vcap

RMA (Red Marine Algae) 540 mg 30 vcap

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Manufacturer: Pacific Biologic/Balance & Harmony
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Product Description
Specific Red Marine Algaes contain an immunomodulatory agent that enhances the protective mechanisms of the body against virus.

Red Marine Algae appears to interfere with the infectivity of Herpes Simplex Virus types I and II. Research on the diversity of antiviral activity of sulfated polysaccharides (believed to be one of the active agents) and the selective interaction between algal antivirals, and herpes virus in particular, is still incomplete. It must be emphasized that only in comparatively recent years have chemical techniques been available for the determination of the detailed structures of these polysaccharides; even then it involves lengthy and chemcially studied in detail with any understanding of their mode of action.

It is strongly believed that Red Marine Algae is alleviating Herpes symptoms temporary because it is promoting an effective body immune regulatory response to the virus.

Clinical data suggests the possibility of a defect of cell-mediated immunity as one of the reasons for frequent recurrences of HSV I & II. Data also showed that a boost of cell-mediated immunity occurred during the recurrence. It is believed that the effector t-cells have been suppressed before an outbreak.

For therapy to be effective, the therapeutic agent should reduce viral replication at the prodromal stage to alter the clinical course of infection.

It plays a key role in cell-mediated immunity and nutritionally support HSV therapy. Clinical data has also shown a marked increase in T-Cell production indicating that the algae is activating the bodys natural immune response.

Pacific BioLogic RMA is wild-crafted (harvested from the sea) and farmed (maricultured from tanks) and is 100% Pure red algae, using no fillers, binders, flowing agents or other products.

Take 1 capsule daily or as prescribed by your healthcare provider.

If pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare provider before using this, or any other product.

Dumontiaceae Pikea Californica harv.
Gigartina exasperata (Harv. & Bail.)
Gigartina corymbifera (Kutz.) J. Ag.
Microcladia coulteri Harv.
Plocamium cartilagineum (L.) Dix.
Graciliaria sjoestedtii Kyl.
Cryptosiphonia woodii (J. Ag.) J. Ag.

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