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Essential Balance Jr. 8 oz

Essential Balance Jr. 8 oz

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Product Description
Essential Balance Jr. -The New Family Formula

For growing minds and bodies
Essential Balance Jr. is a nutritious blend of organic oils specially formulated to provide a 2:1 ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s). Since over 60% of the human brain’s structure is made up of fat, growing minds and bodies need Essential Fatty Acids to function at their best.

Essential Balance Jr. is a delicious and easy way to help your family get the nutritional support they need.

Wheat-free and gluten-free Essential Balance Jr. is a premium organic oil blend with added lignans including Flax Oil*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Pumpkin Seed Oil*, Flax particulate* (rich in Lignans), and natural butterscotch flavor. *All oils and particulate used in this formula are certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

My Son is now a joy to be around

Recent Study:
A recent two month study by Dr. Zoere’ Wilcoxen, CCN and Gynni L. Thies, CCN of Well-Being Associates in Austin, Texas in August 2002 has shown that Essential Balance Jr , when added to a specific dietary protocol, has proven beneficial in helping with some of the common symptoms associated with temporary children mood disorders. Researchers noted that there were improvements in areas they had not expected such as anger, aggression, and mood swings. Comments from some of the parents of the children involved in the study: My son is now a joy to be around. For more information on this study, contact Well-Being Associates at

Essential Balance Jr. Typical Analysis / Tablespoon
Omega 3 Fatty acids: 5350 mg
Omega 6 Fatty Acids: 2275 mg
Omega 9 Fatty Acids: 3350 mg
Lignans: 6 mg

Easy to Use:
Just add 1-2 teaspoons to your early morning blender drinks, or use in dressings, as a condiment or butter replacement. Essential Balance Jr. is perfect to add to early morning blender drinks and quick energy shakes. The whole family will enjoy the natural butterscotch and pumpkin oil flavors. Delicious with yogurt, applesauce, ice cream, cereal or sweet tasting vegetables like yam. The possibilities are endless. The results are essential. Do not heat.

How much should you use?
6 months 2 years 1/4 tsp every other day
2 years 5 years 1/2 tsp daily
5 years 12 years 1 tsp daily
13 years and up 23 tsp daily
Pregnant or Nursing Mothers 13 tsp daily

Benefits of of Essential Balance Jr.:
Flax Seed Oil natures richest plant source of omega-3 EFA. Contains natural anti-oxidants, and has positive effects on dry skin, tissue inflammation and immune system dysfunction.
Pumpkin Oil - a good source of favorable plant sterols which directly benefit male and female reproductive health. Also a good source of omega-6 EFA and omega-9.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Oils rich in oleic acid play a major role in the popular Mediterranean diet.
Flax Seed Particulate - Flax seed fiber is one the richest known plant sources of plant Lignans, a phytochemical found in numerous studies to have a wide range of benefits.
Natural Butterscotch Flavoring kids of all ages love this!

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