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Meso Derm 3.5oz (applicant cream)

Meso Derm 3.5oz (applicant cream)

Code: 864014
Price: USD $79.92
Shipping Weight 0.65 pounds
Category: Professional
Manufacturer: Legere Pharmaceuticals
Mfr Code: 2086

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Product Description
This item functions like a 'cylinder'. Material can be moved out directly from the attached pump.

Assists in lipid metabolism and reduction of fatty tissue

Meso Derm, is a topical cream designed to help dissolve fat, soothe the skin and improve skin and improve skin texture. Each full press pump delivers 60 mg. of bio-identical compounds proven to assist in lipid metabolism and fat dissolution.

MOSO Derm is formulated to provide maximum absorption through the skin. Key ingredients, (Deoxycholaic acid and Phosphatidyl choline) are bioidentical compounds similar to what the body produces.These lipid soluble compounds are essential to the systematic process of action. The small size of their molecules allow for these compounds to easily pass between the cells. Both Deoxycholic acid and Phosphatidyl choline are unique carriers for nutrient transport throughout internal membranes.

Excellent for minimizing and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Use twice daily as follows:
Meso Derm cream may be applied to any area of the body (including the face) where smoother,tighter skin is desired.
Target fat spot areas such as abdomen, hips, chin, lipomas, thighs, arms, jowls, love handles, buttocks and cervical spine (C7) fat pad
HINT: Before beginning use to reduce inches, record measurements. Remeasure after 10 to 14 days and record results.
Continue this protocol until desired results have been achieved. Maximize effectiveness with diet and exercise.

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