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Gugulipid 25 mg 100 tab

Gugulipid 25 mg 100 tab

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Manufacturer: Legere Pharmaceuticals
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An All Natural Ayurvedic Source.
Gugulipid is commonly known in India as Gugul of commiphora, an Indian medicinal plant. The active ingredients of Gugulipid are mainly guggulsterones.

Gugulipid is a gum resin extracted from the bark of commiphoramukul, a small tree which grows in the arid regions of northeastern India. Gugulipid has been the focus of clinical study validating traditional Ayurvedic use.

The active ingredients responsible for the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels are the guggulsterones, specailly Guggulsterone E an guggulsterone Z. Over 20 clinical studies have been published showing its lipid-lowering effects. Results clearly indicate Gugulipid can:
Lowers blood LDL(bad cholesterol fraction)
Raises blood HDL(good cholesterol fraction)
Lowers blood triglycerides.
1000mg standardized for 25mg guggulsterones. Purfied, standardized extracts of gum resin equivalent to 25mg. of active guggulsterone

Guggulesterones(standardized)............25 mg

Take 1 tablet three times daily.

WARNING: If skin rash or swelling occurs, discontinue use.

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