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Earache Drops Adult 0.33 oz

Earache Drops Adult 0.33 oz

Code: 861010
Price: USD $10.99
Shipping Weight 0.50 pounds
Category: Professional
Manufacturer: Hylands Homeopathic
Mfr Code: HYL75162
NDC: .

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Product Description

Pulsatilla 30CHPS (ear pain worse at night)
Chamomilla 30C HPUS (restlessness and irritability)
Sulphur 30C HPUS (throbbing ear pain)
Calc. Carb. 30 C HPUS (ear pain with burning)
Belladonna 30C HPUS (fever and inflammation)
Lycopodium 30C HPUS (pain and congestion)
Citric Acid USP, Purified Water, Sodium Benzoat USP, Vegetable Glycerine USP.

Tilt head sideways and apply 3 to 4 drops into involved ear four times daily or as needed. Tilt ear upward for at least two minutes fter application or gently place cotton in ear to keep drops in.

Keep away from eyes. Do not take by mouth. Earache drops are only to be used in the ears. Tip of applicator should not enter the ear canal.
Ask a doctor before using if you are pregnant or nursing.
Consult a physician if symptoms persist for more than 48

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