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Tang Royal Jelly 1000 mg 30 cap

Tang Royal Jelly 1000 mg 30 cap

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Manufacturer: Health Aid America
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Product Description
Tang Royal Jelly™ is designed for the demands of modern day living, to help support all areas of health.* We all have a vision of optimum health, it may include looking young and feeling vibrant,* having plenty of energy,* and maintaining physical strength.* Royal Jelly is a holistic approach to provide support for both men and women.* It naturally contains a spectrum of nutrients including B vitamins, minerals, trace elements, carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids; all of which interact synergistically in Royal Jelly to create one of the most valuable health supplements. *

Why Choose Tang Royal Jelly™?

Modern lifestyles tend to be very hectic, the added pressure puts strain on the body and over time this may degrade our health. Tang Royal Jelly™ is an ancient secret for providing a foundation for good health and well-being.* It is a balanced dietary supplement that holistically acts as a tonic to support the immune system,* and most importantly allows you to look vibrant and feel great. *

What Is Tang Royal Jelly™?

Tang Royal Jelly™ is the crown jewel of beehive products; Royal Jelly has many nutritional health benefits,* and is well known for providing energy,* and physical stamina.* In addition to that, it plays a key role in enhancing the skin helping to improve appearance and complexion.*

Busy lifestyles and stress can occasionally weaken the immune system,* by introducing Royal Jelly to our dietary intake, it can help to strengthen and build more white blood cells.*

Royal Jelly plays a beneficial role to optimize nutrition and health for women by providing natural support throughout the monthly cycle,* it also provides energy essential for the modern day active woman.*

Royal Jelly promotes healthy energy levels,* especially to men and women’s sexual energy.* Royal Jelly helps to support digestive health* improving the way food is broken down and digested.*.Although many of us try to balance the pressures of work and home, it is very difficult not to build up our levels of stress, Royal Jelly can help to reduce this stress* and its effects by supporting the nerve cells in the body.*

Tang Royal Jelly™ provides around 1000mg of fresh royal jelly, prepared in a base of wheatgerm oil, a powerful antioxidant* naturally containing vitamin E, which acts as a preservative to maintain freshness and stability. Tang™ Royal Jelly provides 4.5% - 6.3% of hydroxyl decanoic acids that are the active components of Royal Jelly.

SERVING SIZE: 1 capsule
Natural Fresh Royal Jelly 1000 mg
Base of Wheat Germ Oil, Glycerine, Beeswax and Soya Lecithin hermetically sealed to maintain purity and strength.

Free from artificial preservatives, coloring, flavoring and yeast.

Take 1 capsule daily upon rising.

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