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Colostrum 300 mg 60 cap

Colostrum 300 mg 60 cap

Code: 846034
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Category: Professional
Manufacturer: Cardio Research/Ecological
Mfr Code: COLOS

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Product Description
Colostrum is derived from USDA Certified family owned dairies of Grade A cows. This product contains 26% immunoglobulins and high concentrations of Lactoferrin and IGF-1.Collected within 12 hours of production. Free of synthetic hormones, pesticides and antibiotics. Processed using minimal heat to ensure the bioavailability of nutritional and immunological factors.

The ideal method for preparing colostrum is through lyophilization. Lyophilization protects the delicate immunoglobins and nucleoproteins from denaturization during the manufacturing process.

Each capsule contains: .300 mg Colostrum

Also contains: Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate.

Suggested Use: Take 1 or 2 capsules daily or as directed by a health care professional

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