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BioDerm Spray (Herpes) 1 oz or 28 ml

BioDerm Spray (Herpes) 1 oz or 28 ml

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Herpes simplex I and II are among the most prolific and easily transmittable pathogenic viruses in the United States today, over 30,000,000 people suffer recurrent outbreaks. Patients as a rule are acutely sensitive about perioral infections because of their high visibility and to genital infections because they may feel like a sexual pariah.

The assumption is that herpes is forever, but is it forever if held in permanent remission in a form which cannot infect the healthy cell and cannot be transmitted?

Acyclovir is expensive and not completely effective. Many patients are concerned about unwanted side effects from any long term oral medication. Now there is an alternative for those doctors and their patients who choose to use a safe topical medication to buttress their current therapy, or as a safe and simple stand-alone protocol.

BioMax Formulations has conducted extensive review and research for safe nonirritating approved surfactants that can immediately inactivate the lipid-enveloped free virus. BioDerm Spray includes: L-Lysine, an amino acid with recognized antiviral properties; nonoxinol, with a long history of safe effectiveness; long chain cis-unsaturated alcohols found in nature; and the zinc cation which binds up herpes glycoproteins. We include glycine to completely counter zinc astringency.


BioDerm Spray when used twice daily at the beginning of an outbreak will protect non-infected cells and reduce recovery time. Prophylactic protection from future outbreaks can be maintained with one to two applications per week on the infected area, or a higher number of applications based on patients past outbreak history.

Many patients with long histories of genital herpes cannot always be convinced to use a condom with an uninfected sexual partner. Self-application prior to sexual activity will reduce the free virus titer to the undetectable. Similarly, if an uninfected male wants protection other than what a condom provides, BioDerm Spray can be liberally used prophylactically before and after sexual contact. BioDerm Spray may be used as a nonirritating lubricant with or without a condom.

BioDerm Spray provides an extremely hostile environment for HSV while protecting the uninfected cells.

Note: Oral L-Lysine supplementation and a low Arginine rich diet increases BioDerm Spray effectiveness.

BioDerm Spray is our second product using our proprietary DERMA-JECT delivery system, employing cutting edge dermal permeation enhancement, and molecular polarization technology.

EACH 1floz SPRAY BOTTLE CONTAINS: Nonoxinol, L-Lysine, Oleyl Alcohol, Thymol, Zinc Chloride, Myristyl Alcohol, Methylsulfonylmethane(MSM), Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Alcohol, Purified Water, Propylene Glycol.

By spray or with Q-tip apply to affected areas twice daily or as directed by a health care professional.

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

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