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EndorphiGen 500 mg 60 cap

EndorphiGen 500 mg 60 cap

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Manufacturer: Lidtke Technology
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item we sell is EndorphiGen 500 mg 60 cap. there is NO more EndorphiGen 500 mg 50 cap. ITEM PICTURE is NOT updated.
EndorphiGen supports a good mood
EndorphiGen helps knock out the blues
EndorphiGen helps relieve common pain!

The Feel Good Molecule

Mystery Molecules Relieve Common Pain!
In 1973, Johns Hopkins University student Candice Pert, and her professor Solomon Snyder, made a remarkable discovery that stood the world of pain research on its head. For over two centuries, morphine had been an irreplaceable tool in the physician’s arsenal. Even though morphine has a wide range of uses from relieving feelings of impending doom to blocking common pain until that moment of discovery, no one had known how it works. What Pert and Snyder found was the morphine receptor the key to its effectiveness. Just one year later, researchers in Scotland made an even bigger discovery the natural counterpart of morphine, made in your body, which they named endorphin.

What are Endorphins?
The word Endorphin comes from the two words, endogenous + morphine. It turns out that endorphins are small, protein molecules that are produced by cells in your brain, nervous system and other parts of your body. When endorphins connect with receptors, you experience a profound relief. In fact, endorphins can be anywhere from eighteento five hundred times as powerful as any man-made remedy. Furthermore, they are natural and non-addictive.

According to a Queen’s College summary, endorphins improve:
Your perception of pain
Your reaction to stress
Your mood

In short, endorphins help you feel both well and good.

How Does EndorphiGen Work?
The only problem with endorphins is that your levels are sometimes too low. Furthermore, the remarkable benefits of endorphins normally don’t last long because an enzyme destroys them almost as quickly as they are made. That is where EndorphiGen comes in. By inhibiting the enzyme that destroys endorphins, EndorphiGen helps maintain higher levels of soothing endorphins throughout the day. With higher endorphin levels your body is more able to deal with everyday hurts and stress--and the short fused tendency to fly off the handle.

EndorphiGen: Are You Feeling the Blues?
Whether it’s the monthly blues, a rough and stressful day or just a sudden sense of sadness, EndorphiGen can help. If you’ve tried boosting serotonin levels but still feel sad and blue, you should know the EndorphiGen works a completely different way to support a good mood.

EndorphiGen: Are Your Feeling Discomfort?
Whenever you are hurt or stressed, your body’s natural response is to release endorphins some are released from storage in special immune cells, while other endorphins are pumped directly into you blood stream for fast relief. In a remarkable way, EndorphiGen supports this natural process for the relief of minor pain and stress. The clinical benefits of endorphins, in fact, help explain therapies as far ranging as acupuncture and TENS, the electrical stimulation therapy for pain relief. Japanese research shows that from three-to eight 500mg capsules of the active ingredient in EndorphiGen, on or before the day of treatment, measurably enhanced the relief provided by acupuncture.

Give EndorphiGen a Try
EndorphiGen supports a good mood
EndorphiGen helps knock out the blues
EndorphiGen helps relieve common pain

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