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Amino-NR 180'S

Amino-NR 180'S

Code: 826667
Price: USD $65.00
Shipping Weight 0.90 pounds
Category: Professional
Manufacturer: Pure Encapsulations
Mfr Code: ANR21
NDC: 766298016245

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Product Description
Promotes muscle performance and enhances the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells
Supports muscler ecovery from physical exertion and lessens
occasional muscle soreness and fatigue
Encouragems itochondria{lu nctiona nd protectsD NAf rom oxidation

3-6 capsules per day, in divided doses, between meals.

three vegetable capsules contain
pyridoxal 5' phosphate (activated B) 5 mg.
alpha ketoglutarate 100 mg
alpha lipoic acid 50 mg
l-histidine (free-form) 85 mg.
l-isolucine (free-form) 130 mg.
l-luecine (free-form) 230 mg.
l-lysine (free-form) 250 mg.
l-methionine (free-form) 175 mg.
l-phenylalanine (free-form) 95 mg.
l-threonine (free-form) 115 mg.
l-valine (free-form) 125 mg.
l-alanine (free-form) 45 mg.
l-argnine HCL 75 mg.
l-cysleine HCL 35 mg.
l-glutamine (free-form) 375 mg.
glycine (free-form) 75 mg.
l-proline (free-form) 150 mg.
l-serine (free-form) 75 mg.
l-taurine (free-form) 25 mg.
l-tyrosine (free-form) 40 mg.
vitamin C (as ascorbyl palmitate) 30 mg.

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