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Reduced Glutathione 120'S
Reduced Glutathione 120'S Quantity in Basket: None
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Category: Professional
Manufacturer: Pure Encapsulations
Mfr Code: RG1
NDC: 766298002330
Antioxidant for the liver
Glutathione is a key component of the antioxidant system which protects the body from free radicals at the cellular level. Within the cells, it is present in two forms: reduced and oxidized glutathione; a healthy cell has significantly higher levels of the reduced form.

Reduced glutathione is involved in the synthesis and repair of DNA, and enhances the antioxidant activity of vitamin C, the transport of amino acids, and the detoxification of harmful compounds. In addition, an intracellular abundance of reduced glutathione, as compared to oxidized glutathione, helps ensure normal cell proliferation.

Reduced glutathione levels are essential for regulation of normal cellular growth and proliferation.

Each VCapsule Contains
l-glutathione (reduced) (free-form) 100 mg.
(hypo-allergenic plant fiber added to complete capsule volume requirement)

1-2 vegetarian capsules per day, in divided doses, between meals.

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