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DHEA Max 25 mg 60 caplet
DHEA Max 25 mg 60 caplet
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Manufacturer: Nutraceutics Corporation
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NDC: 754748012251

DHEA garnered international attention and credibility within the medical community when the New York Academy of Science published a book titled DHEA And Aging. This highly technical book provided scientific validation of the positive effects of DHEA therapy. DHEA levels peak whena person is 20-30 years old. Then, DHEA levels begin to decline gradually and by age 70, our bodies lose 80-90% of the DHEA we had at our peak. There are many positive physical and mental benefits associated with DHEA therapy.

Studies have suggested that elderly people taking DHEA supplements experience a number of benefits, including an improved sense of well-being, increased bone density and increased muscle strength.

Recent findings from German research suggests that women who suffer from under-active adrenal glands may benefit from DHEA therapy.

The results show:
Improved psychological well being
Increased sexual satisfaction

DHEA Max is the first ZERO-release DHEA therapy of its kind. Our N.S.E. (natural self emulsifying) delivery system is both fat and water soluble, insuring maximum absorption and sustained bioavailability. Both safe and effective, DHEA Max is an economical alternative to more expensive DHEA therapies.

We recommend consulting your physician before taking DHEA.

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)............25 mg
In a NSE base (Natural Self Emulsifying)

RECOMMENDED USAGE: Take 1 caplet daily or as directed by your physician. Discontinue after 3 months, then take Vita DHEA for one month, before return- ing to DHEA Max. DHEA Max is best used in conjunction with Vita DHEA or DHEA Plus for total support.

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