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Pure L-Lysine MonoHCL 500 mg 200 cap

Pure L-Lysine MonoHCL 500 mg 200 cap

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The beneficial results of Lysine supplementation are dose and quality related. Montiff Pure-Lysine is the HIGHEST QUALITY L-LYSINE HCL available. Supplementation helps control the severity, duration and recurrence of the outbreaks.

BEGINNING OF SYPTOMS: Generally 3-4 grams are required per day (6-8 capsules daily).

FREQUENT OUTBREAKS of Herpes generally require 1-3 grams per day (2-6 capsules).

MAINTENANCE PROGRAM: Some may only need 2 (1-gram) capsules per day, after outbreaks are controlled.

DIETARY CONSIDERATION: Nuts, chocolate, seeds and other high Arginine foods should be restricted.


1. Sunlight and Stress have an effect on stimulating outbreaks. Colds and fever may also precipitate an outbreak. If necessary, increase Lysine dosage during these times, as needed.

2. Those with Herpes, who are taking Arginine supplementation for beneficial health reasons, may want to include Lysine at a 2 to 1 ratio as part of their health maintenance program.

3. SAFETY: Lysine is a very and safe natural substance, and no toxic side effects have been reported in studies using up to 40 grams per day.


Lysine, an essential amino acid, is found in muscle tissue. It promotes bone growth & collagen production, and is responsible for calcium absorption in the intestinal tract. Vitamins, especially B-6 and Vitamin C, are required for proper metabolism and conversion (with Methionine) into Carnitine. Although required by the body, as an essential amino acid it cannot be manufactured within the body, and must be obtained by consuming foods with Lysine, or through supplementation.

Many diets, including strict vegetarian, are low in Lysine. A proper ratio of 2 to 1 in relationship to Arginine levels is necessary for proper biochemical balance. Some of the foods high in Lysine are beef, cottage cheese, chicken, tuna, turkey, and yogurt. There are small amounts in legumes and in some vegetables, such as potatoes.

Some foods high in Arginine are nuts, seeds, soy protein, chocolate, carob, and coconut. Those consuming large amounts of these foods and small amounts of Lysine-rich foods may have a Lysine/Arginine imbalance. Lysine supplementation will help to correct this imbalance. Since Arginine stimulates the activity of the Herpes virus, those with Herpes should restrict their consumption of these foods.

Amino acid analysis of those with viruses such as Herpes, Epstein Barr and Mononucleosis show low levels of Lysine with imbalances in the Lysine/Arginine ratios. Supplementation with Lysine increases blood plasma levels of Lysine. The higher levels of Lysine present in the plasma, the lower the incidence of Herpes outbreaks. Studies show Lysine inhibits the growth of the Herpes Virus. Continued use of supplementation is essential, since discontinuing Lysine can quickly result in Lysine imbalances and new outbreaks of the virus.

Stress, colds and sunlight can stimulate outbreaks, therefore, at these times (or if high Arginine foods are consumed) it is suggested that the dosage of L-Lysine be increased to maintain proper balance and help control the severity, duration and recurrence of the outbreaks.

Herpes is a virus categorized into four types:


HERPES LABIALIS, Type 1 (cold sores or fever blisters), causes unsightly lesions generally around the lips and mouth, and can cause severe eye problems should the eye become infected. This is very common, affecting 40-80% of the population with 50% of the population having frequent outbreaks. Sunlight, wind, stress, fevers and diet can stimulate the outbreaks of these sores. It is highly contagious, and direct contact can cause genital herpes as well.

GENITIAL HERPES, Type 2, are groups of blisters that rupture into painful ulcers or sores in the genital area, and at least 1 out of 6 people in the U.S. over 15 are infected. Pain or tenderness in this area is often accompanied by headaches, fever, swollen glands in the groin, and general malaise. It is transmitted through sexual contact, and last from 1-3 weeks. The virus remains in the body and outbreaks can reoccur weeks, months or even years after an initial episode. Usually the recurrences are less severe. Genital Herpes, however, can be a serious problem to newborn infants of infected pregnant women, and delivery by cesarean section is often advised to avoid infecting the infant. In individuals with weakened immune systems, the virus can spread through the blood system and infect organs. This is a problem with cancer, AIDS and other patients with compromised immune systems.

EPSTEIN-BARR VIRUS (EBV or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) symptoms are extreme weakness, fatigue and muscle soreness along with possible fever and swollen glands. The symptoms may last for several weeks, months or years, and they may subside and then reappear.

CYTOMEGALOVIRUS (CMV) is similar to EBV, and this virus or EBV virus may also cause Infectious Mononucleosis. This is referred to as the kissing disease since it is passed on through direct oral contact. It is more common in teenagers and young adults. The symptoms are often flu-like with fever, chills, sore throat and headache. Swollen glands in the neck, armpits or groin are common and often painful. The spleen becomes enlarged and severe fatigue is apparent for 2-3 weeks and sometimes longer.

VARICELLA ZOSTER VIRUS, or SHINGLES, is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. The virus attacks the nerve roots of the brain stem of spinal cord, lies dormant until reactivated when the virus multiplies and produces severe sharp pain. A group of blisters form a rash on the skin above the nerve. Almost any part of the body can be involved, but it is especially common on the sides of the chest. Severe pain precedes the onset of blisters, which become itchy and encrusted. These generally last around 7 days, however the pain can last for several weeks after the blisters disappear. It is a serious problem if the face or eyes become infected.

Ingredients per capsule:
L-Lysine MonoHCL 500 mg.

Suggested use: 1- 4 capsules T.I.D. (3 times daily) 30 minutes prior to meals depending on needs. Take with water or fruit juice. Do not take with milk Products.

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