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Calcium-Plus 120 tab

Calcium-Plus 120 tab

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Product Description

. Supporting bone health for pre and postmenopausal women.

. Helping to prevent bone loss, which can cause Osteoporosis and bone fractures.

. Assisting women over 40 who may have deficiencies causing low bone density.

. Providing calcium, which is important for bone health.

. Having an estrogen like effect in helping to prevent bone loss

. Enhancing the effectiveness of estrogen (for those on hormone replacement therapy) in helping to prevent bone loss in postmenopausal women.


Approximately 15-20 million American women over 45 years of age are affected by Osteoporosis, which is a weakening of the bone caused by decreased bone density. The deterioration of bone tissue leads to bone fragility, making individuals more susceptible to fractures of the forearm, hip, vertebrae, as well as the pelvis, ribs, humerus and tibia. Osteoporosis injuries are common and lead to complications, which often result in long hospital stays. Healing is more difficult and prolonged, and these problems result in decreased independence and depression, and thus lowers the quality of life for the elderly. Up to 70 % of Osteoporosis is related to genetic predisposition, with 30 % having environmental causes. It is more prevalent in Caucasian and Asian women, and may be caused by medications, including steroids, in both men and women. Prevention of this condition can be obtained by increasing nutrients, including Calcium rich foods, plus supplementation of Calcium, Vitamin D and Ipriflavone. In the recent Framingham Offspring Study, low bone density has also been associated with coronary calcification in men and women. Along with supplementation, reducing caffeine, alcohol, and eliminating smoking, as well as increasing exercise is advisable. A bone density test can help evaluate and determine bone loss.


Calcium is the main component of bone tissue, and it decreases with age, especially in postmenopausal women. Taking Calcium supplementation can increase bone density and is advisable for premenopausal women and well as those who are postmenopausal. The recommended dosage of Calcium for premenopausal women is 1000mg per day, and postmenopausal women should take 1200-1500mg daily. Some studies suggest that even 800mg. helps to prevent hip and vertebral fractures in the elderly. Vitamin D should be included with Calcium for maximum absorption.


Vitamin D enhances Calcium absorption. The recommended dosage is 400 IU - 800 IU per day along with Calcium supplementation to help support bone health and reduce incidences of Osteoporosis. The elderly are especially prone to Vitamin D deficiencies, especially if they are in retirement and nursing homes, since they tend to be indoors.


. Enhances calcium absorption in the bone, and stimulates bone formation (by activating osteoblasts).

. Inhibits bone deterioration (by reducing osteoclasts).

. May be helpful in decreasing cholesterol levels - lowering LDL levels, and increasing HDL levels.

. Numerous studies of Ipriflavone indicate that this compound especially when combined with Calcium, can inhibit bone loss and may stimulate new bone formation, which is especially important in elderly women who suffer from Osteoporosis and are susceptible to bone fractures. The research recommends dosages of 400 -600 IU of Ipriflavone per day, and the best results are when taken with 800-1200 mg. of Calcium. It is also important to include Vitamin 0 supplementation of 400-800mg. daily, especially with the elderly who are often confined indoors and tend to be deficient in Vitamin D.

. Ipriflavone is a semi-synthetic isoflavonoid compound derived from soy (and may be found naturally in bee propolis) but without the allergens found in soy, which also has beneficial properties for bone health. Since soy commonly causes allergic problem in food sensitive individuals, Ipriflavone is the recommended choice for bone support.

. Hormone replacement therapy may also be helpful in maintaining bone density in postmenopausal women. Ipriflavone has a chemical structure similar to estrogen and can bind with estrogen receptors in bone tissue; however it has no hormonal activity and thus has no estrogenic effect on the breast or uterus. Furthermore, studies indicate HRT is even more effective in preventing bone loss when combined with Ipriflavone supplementation.

* CALCIUM -PLUS contains additional ingredients to enhance bone health, as well as providing antioxidants (in a special proprietary concentrated vegetable base with green tea extract and grape seed extract) to help prevent free radical damage.

Calcium-Plus with D and Ipriflavone 120 tablets

Elemental Calcium 116.66mg
with Calcium (Amino Acid Chelate) 100 mg.
Calcium (Hydroxyapatite) 3.33 mg.
Calcium (Citrate) 3.33 mg.
Calcium (Phosphate) 10mg.
Vitamin D-3 66.7 IU
Ipriflavone 66.7 mg.
Magnesium (amino acid chelate) 5.0 mg.
Glutamic Acid Hydrochloride 6.67 mg.
Boron (amino acid chelate) 0.67 mg.
Natural Vitamin E 3.33 IU

plus a Montiff proprietary concentrated vegetable base containing potent botanical antioxidants green tea and grape seed extract and the following concentrated vegetables: broccoli, cabbage, tomato, carrots, spinach and parsley.

Suggested Use: Take 4-6 tablets, or as needed, daily with food. (1-2 tablets three times per day with food).

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