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Noxylane4 Double Strength 500 mg 60 cap

Noxylane4 Double Strength 500 mg 60 cap

Code: 811043
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Category: Professional
Manufacturer: Lane Medical
Mfr Code: NX4-60DS

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Product Description
Noxylane4 Arabinoxylane potentiated with HAI

Their Best Immune Supplement Ever
Supports NK Cell activity
Same Noxylane4, back by overwhelming demand

The arabinoxylane in Noxylane4 has been featured at major health conferences around the world.

Noxylane4 takes immune support to the next level. Noxylane4 arabinoxylane (patented rice bran hemicellulose modified by Shiitake mushroom enzymes) is fully potentiated with HAI.

HAI, an amino acid extract of Japanese seaweed, appears to enhance the absorption of large molecules such as the complex carbohydrate arabinoxylane.

LaneLabs' best immune supplement ever. LaneLabs has spent years testing ways to increase the activity of arabinoxylane through enhanced absorption. Noxylane4 is the breakthrough in immune support everyone had been looking for. No other immune product that we've studied (including even those from LaneLabs) could match Noxylane4 in terms of speed, potency and NK cell performance.

Clinically tested, natural and safe Unlike other immune enhancers, Noxylane4 may be continued indefinitely, with no need to cycle off periodically. Noxylane4 is unmatched both for those seeking rapid immune support and, at a lower intake, for daily immune reinforcement.

Because HAI enhances absorbability, Noxylane4 at a lower dose offers the same NK cell enhancement as MGN3.

Noxylane4 Supplement Facts
Noxylane4 is the next generation in immune defense from LaneLabs. It contains Arabinoxylane - a patented rice bran hemicellulose modified by Shiitake mushroom enzymes - and HAI. Heated Algal Ingredient (HAI) is a patented amino acid complex from Japanese seaweed which appears to enhance absorption.

Serving Size: 4 Capsules Servings per Container: 12.5

Amount per Serving Daily Value
Calories 4
Total Fat <1g 1
Total Carbohydrates <1g 1
Proprietary Blend
Arabinoxylane Compound 1000mg
Rice Bran
Hypomycetes Mycelia Enzyme
(from Shiitake Mushroom)
HAI Amino Acid Extract (from Sea Algae) <1mg

Directions For Use:
Suggested Use for Adults:
Noxylane4 Double Strength Caplet 500 mg: Take 1 caplet daily For Maximum Benefits, follow Noxylane4 2-Step Program

Take 4 250mg Capsules (or 2 Double Strength Caplets) twice daily for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, reduce usage to maintenance level of 1 to 2 250mg Capsules twice daily (or 1 to 2 Double Strength Caplets daily).

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