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Aloe-Ace (40:1) 4 oz or 116 ml

Aloe-Ace (40:1) 4 oz or 116 ml

Code: 807002
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Category: Professional
Manufacturer: Bio-Nutritional Formulas
Mfr Code: BN-0102

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Product Description
Aloe Ace is a 40:1 whole leaf Aloe Vera liquid concentrate made by removing the water content from large batches of crushed, organic, green- house grown Aloe Vera leaves. It captures the synergistic action of the whole leaf with all its components intact.

It includes all three essential parts--sap, rind and gel--not just the gel. The sap and rind contain beneficial natural fatty acids and other healing constituents found in the plant.

Of all whole leaf Aloe juice products sold, Aloe Ace is processed using a mild heat process without carbon filtering, which converts the aloin to beneficial salicylates, without breaking down any of the healing compounds, especially the polysaccharides.

The heat deactivates those enzymes which would break down the important polysaccharides. The taste of Aloe-Ace will vary considerably in pungency or bitterness from batch to batch, but this does not affect potency.

Aloe ace does contain 0.5% potassium sorbate and .10% sodium benzoate. Product is stabilized through pasturization. Specially processed to stabilize and standardize the beneficial properties.40:1 concentrate.10,000mg mucopolysaccharide per liter.

Sap & rind:
salicylic acid
cinnomonic acid
traumatic acid
urea nitrogen

Found in sap:
HDL cholesterol
campesterol B-sitosterol

Nutrients, Enzymes and essential fatty acids.

Suggested Use:
2 caps full on 8 oz of water a day. Higher doses can cause loose stools as a result of beneficial detoxification. 24 teaspoons or caps full= 4 oz

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