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Headache #23 1 oz

Headache #23 1 oz

Code: 592031
Price: USD $16.58
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Category: Professional
Manufacturer: Newton RX
Mfr Code: R023 L01

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Product Description
Headache #23 1 oz

Helps relieve symptoms associated with migraines and the common headache such as intense pain, throbbing, dizziness and nausea. At the onset, take dose every 15 minutes for the first hour. Continue to take 3 to 4 times a day to help prevent reoccurrence or lessen severity of symptoms. Migraines are often caused by stress, food additives, allergies and generalized toxic overload in the liver. Eating a clean, organic diet, staying hydrated, avoiding stressors and eliminating "triggers" are keys in preventing chronic headaches. Adding NEWTON's Detoxifier is especially important for those prone to headaches.

Arsenicum alb. 15x
Belladonna 15x
Bryonia 15x
Carduus ben. 3x
Cimicifuga 15x
Coffea crud. 15x
Convalaria 3x
Crotalus hor. 15x
Elaps cor. 15x
Gaultheria 3x
Glononium 15x
Lachesis 15x
Naja 15x
Nux vom. 15x
Salix alba 3x
Sanguinaria 15x
Alcohol 15%

Adults take 6 drops every 20 minutes until symptoms abate, or as directed by your health care provider. A child's dose is 2-3 drops.

Safety sealed for your protection. Do not use if seal is broken or missing.

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