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Mycopryl 680 100 caps

Mycopryl 680 100 caps

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Among the many natural cures for candida, caprylic acid is one of the most commonly cited.

This is a medium chain fatty acid (C8H16O2), also called octanoic acid, that is found naturally in coconut oil, palm oil, butter fat as well as in human breast milk. It is known to have anti-fungal as well as some anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

One of the difficulties with caprylic / octanoic acid is that, being a medium chain fatty acid, it is very easily digested and absorbed by the body. Thus, it often gets absorbed in the stomach and small intestines before it reaches the large intestines, where it it most needed because that is where most of the candida overgrowth is found.

The better brands of caprylic acid come in enteric coated or timed-released capsules to ensure that it gets released only when it reaches the colon and that it is released slowly there, so that it goes through the entire length of the large intestines.

Mycopryl 680 100 caps

6 capsules contain:
calcium 360 mg hydroxide form,
magnesium 180 mg hydroxide form.

1 tablet contains caprylic acid 680 mg.
In a delayed release capsule.

Use: 1 to 2 caps per meal.

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