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Celestial Mansion 60 caps

Celestial Mansion 60 caps

Code: 493011
Price: USD $90.00
Shipping Weight 0.50 pounds
Category: Professional
Manufacturer: Blue Poppy
Mfr Code: CELEST

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Product Description

Herbal Supplement

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 3 capsules
Servings per Container: 20

Amount per Capsule:
Chuan Xiong (Rhizoma Chuanxiong) 74 mg
Bai Shao (Radix Alba Paeoniae) 56 mg
Dan Shen (Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae) 56 mg
Jiang Can (Bombyx Batrytricatus) 56 mg
Dang Gui (Radix Angelicae Sinensis) 38 mg
Bai Zhi (Radix Angelicae Dahuricae) 38 mg
Man Jing Zi (Fructus Viticis) 38 mg
Ci Ji Li (Fructus Tribuli) 38 mg
Gou Teng (Ramulus Uncariae Cum Uncis) 38 mg
Tian Ma Mi Huan Jun (Armillaria Mellea) 38 mg
Quan Xie (Scorpio) 15 mg
Wu Gong (Scolopendra) 15 mg
rice flour excipient

Other Ingredients: Gelatin capsule (gelatin and water)

Directions: Take 3 capsules 2 times per day or follow your health care practitioner's instructions

Consult with your health care practitioner if nursing or pregnant. Keep out of the reach of children.

Tamper Resistant: Do not use if safety seal is missing or broken

o Researched and formulated by Bob Flaws
o Manufactured in a certified GMP factory
o Laboratory tested for microbiologic contaminants, heavy metals & pesticide residue
o Highly concentrated to deliver more medicine, faster
o No Pharmaceuticals, dyes or sugars

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