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Squigle Toothpaste 4 oz

Squigle Toothpaste 4 oz

Code: 471001
Price: USD $9.99
Shipping Weight 1.00 pounds
Category: Professional
Manufacturer: Squigle
Mfr Code: 000026-4OZ

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Product Description
Squigle Toothpaste Helps Avoid:
bad breath
simple halitosis
canker sores
mouth ulcers
gum disease

Clinically Proven To Help:
bleeding gums
periodontal disease

Xylitol boosts fluoride
plaque, tartar
Xylitol fights plaque
surface stain
perioral dermatitis
chapped lips

No unpleasant toothpaste taste

Soothes and protects dry mouths

Squigle Toothpaste 4 oz
(Name: Enamel Saver Manufactuer: Squigle Inc.)

Xylitol 36%
Sodium Fluoride 0.24%

Other ingredients: Water, silica, glycerin, poloxamer, cellulose gum, flavor, anatase, Methocel, glycyrrhizin, sodium hydroxide.

Mint flavor.

Suggested use:
Floss daily, before you brush. Place a full brush length of Squigle Toothpaste on a soft bristled, small headed manual or electric toothbrush. Brush for 2 minutes, 2-3 times a day, after eating. Rinse. Then gently brush your tongue, roof of mouth, and inside cheeks. Rinse.

Warning: Keep out of reach of kids under 6. Do not swallow. Call a physician or Poison Control Center promptly if more than a brush length is swallowed.
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