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Comprehensive Super E+ 60 gels

Comprehensive Super E+ 60 gels

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Manufacturer: Pioneer
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Product Description
Comprehensive Super E+ is a complete, premium vitamin E complex supplying ALL 8 FORMS of natural, unesterified vitamin E tocopherols and tocotrienols, including significant levels of gamma tocopherol PLUS synergistic selenium.

Within one generation, vitamin E has become regarded as one of the most important and versatile of all known antioxidants. Many experts consider vitamin E to be the body’s most valuable fat-soluble antioxidant. Its ability to protect against free radical damage may benefit nearly every organ and tissue in the body.

Vitamin E, primarily in the form of alpha-tocopherol, has been the subject of over 500 scientific studies, making it one of the most well-researched antioxidants. But in nature, vitamin E actually occurs in EIGHT forms: four tocopherols (alpha-, gamma-, betaand delta-tocopherol) and four tocotrienols (alpha-, gamma-, betaand delta-tocotrienol).

Comprehensive Super E+ provides all eight forms of vitamin E, starting with high levels of natural alpha-tocopherol and meaningful levels of mixed tocopherols (notably gamma-, the primary form found in foods), plus a generous serving of all four tocotrienol forms. Selenium, which interacts synergistically with vitamin E to help sustain benefits, and lecithin, which helps to pre-emulsify the ingredients, are intended to maximize absorption & utilization potential. Finally, an opaque carob-infused softgel helps to protect the delicate contents within from damage by oxidizing light rays.


1. Meaningful Levels of All Four Tocopherol Forms: Alpha, Gamma, Beta, Delta.
PIONEERŽ Comprehensive Super E+ features high levels of superior quality, natural d-alpha-tocopherol (the most widely researched form of vitamin E) plus gamma-tocopherol, beta-tocopherol and delta-tocopherol. Each of these four tocopherol forms has its own unique and important antioxidant properties. Comprehensive Super E+ supplies especially generous levels of gamma-tocopherol, which is the predominant vitamin E form in foods and appears to enhance the action of the d-alpha form. Gamma-tocopherol also may be superior at inhibiting peroxynitrite, a type of nitrogencontaining free radical.1

2. Generous Amounts of all Four Tocotrienol
Forms. Although very costly, a generous 30 mg of full-spectrum tocotrienol complex is supplied by PIONEERŽ Comprehensive Super E+ with the intention of providing a complete vitamin E profile. Research suggests that tocotrienols are potent antioxidants and may help provide nutritive support for healthy lipid levels and normal cell integrity.2.3

3. Selenium.
One of the most important functions of selenium is as a co-factor of glutathione peroxidase, a critical antioxidant enzyme. In addition, selenium and vitamin E work together synergistically to protect cell membrane lipids from damage by oxidation.4 PIONEERŽ Comprehensive Super E+ contains a full 200 mcg of the preferred selenomethionine form for superior benefits.

4. Pre-Emulsified.
Vitamin E is well-absorbed by most individuals, but people who have difficulty absorbing fats in general may experience compromised uptake. Conditions causing malabsorption of fats (celiac disease, cystic fibrosis, acute or chronic inflammation in the digestive tract or pancreas, diabetes and other chronic diseases) may limit uptake of vitamin E and other nutrients. To potentiate maximum absorption in all people, the ingredients in Comprehensive Super E+ are infused with natural lecithin, a process intended to create microscopic droplets which may provide enhanced absorption.

5. Verified Gluten-Free.
PIONEERŽ Comprehensive Super E+ is made with gluten-free ingredients and every batch is laboratory tested to insure no detectable levels of gluten proteins are present in the product.

Comprehensive Super E+ 60 gels
Gluten Free

Formerly: Super E Complex 400 IU 60 gels

Dietary Supplement

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 softgels
Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving:
Calories 10
Calories from Fat 5
Total Fat 1 g
Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) 400 IU
Selenium (selenomethionine) 200 mcg
D-gamma tocopherol 300 mg
D-alpha tocopherol 265 mg
D-delta tocopherol 120 mg
D-beta tocopherol 5 mg
Lecithin (soy) 32 mg
Tocotrienol Complex (from rice bran oil) 30 mg

Other Ingredients: gelatin softgel (gelatin, glycerin, carob extract), soy oil, yellow beeswax

Directions: Use only as directed. Take 2 softgels daily with food. Store in a cool, dry place.

Warning: Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing. Keep out of reach of children. Keep your licensed health care practitioner informed when using this product

THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIED GLUTEN-FREE. It contains no added artificial preservatives, colors or flavors and undergoes a rigorous heavy metal, pesticide, herbicide and fungicide screening process.

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