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Gastro-D Complex 90c

Gastro-D Complex 90c

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Category: Professional
Manufacturer: D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition
Mfr Code: DD0040

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Product Description

Few health challenges are as widespread as occasional stomach problems. From heartburn to bloating, people seek out an astonishing variety of pills, potions and powders in an attempt to counteract occasional stomach acid.
Don't just cover up stomach acid, protect your stomach health with Gastro-D Complex, which has been reformulated to include 150 mgs of DGL in each capsule. The DGL assists in protecting the stomach lining, and in combination with seven other synergistic ingredients, Gastro-D Complex is an essential supplement for individuals with occasional stomach problems.
In addition to DGL, Gastro-D Complex includes Mastic Gum, which may help to protect the gastric mucosa; Safflower Tops may help to provide additional support against H. Pylori infestation, especially for blood type O non-secretors; Bentonite Clay assists in attracting and soaking up environmental toxins; the inner bark rind of Slippery Elm protects the GI tract from excess acidity; and Bismuth helps protect the lining of the stomach from stomach acid.
(*reformulated from Gastroleve & Pylora)

Mastic Gum 200mg
Deglycrtthizinated Licorice 150mg
Safflower Tops 150mg
Bentonite 150mg
Slippery Elm Bark 75mg
Bismuth 50mg
Cranesbill Root 25mg
Seaweed Kelp 25mg

Suggested Usage:
2 capsules twice daily, or as directed by a physician

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