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Coryza Forte 250 caps

Coryza Forte 250 caps

Code: 413008
Price: USD $50.50
Shipping Weight 1.25 pounds
Category: Professional
Manufacturer: Progressive Labs
Mfr Code: 9682
NDC: 3-51821-09682-7

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Product Description
Intended as a formula for treating upper respiratory infections, Coryza Forte is described as a ""high potency C Complex Plus"" product. It contains raw trachea, thymus, spleen, lymph, and RNA to promote drainage of congested tissue and to support the immune system. Raw Adrenal is present as is Vitamin C to stimulate the adrenals and the body‘s defense mechanisms.

It is believed that the cell resulting in the production of interferon, the body‘s anti-viral substance absorbs the deoxyribosides contained in pollen. Bioflavonoid (sometimes called Vitamin P) assists Vitamin C in maintaining capillary integrity and regulates vascular permeability. Pantothenic acid plays an important role in the body‘s immunity mechanisms. Calcium is necessary for maintenance of membranes and zinc is important in the synthesis of antibodies

Vitamin A 4,000 iu,
Vitamin C 300 mg,
Vitamin B-6 15 mg,
Pantothenic acid 25 mg,
Calcium as carbonate 40 mg,
Zinc as picolinate 5 mg,
Echinacea (angustifolia root) 50 mg,
Propietary blend of: Citrus bioflavonoid 5x complex 150 mg (undiluted hesperidin, undiluted naringin, undiluted rutin).

One to three capsules daily or more, as directed by a doctor.

Other ingredients:
Bee pollen, bovine trachea, bovine thymus, bovine adrenal, bovine lymph, spleen, RNA, rose hips, cellulose, whey, magnesium stearate and gelatin.

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