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Green and White Tea Max 60 Cap

Green and White Tea Max 60 Cap

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Manufacturer: Pastore Formulations
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Product Description
Green White Tea Max is equal to 24 cups of green tea and 6 cups of white tea in one capsule! It's the most potent green and white tea extract available.

Standardized to contain 70 EGCG and 90 white tea polyphenols per each 600mg capsule
No caffeine or stimulants
EGCG supports metabolism
Powerful antioxidant 12 1/2 more powerful that vitamin E, vitamin C and resveratrol from red wine.
Reduces signs of aging on the skin
Helps maintain a healthy cholesterol level
Supports weight loss
Helps maintain cardiovascular function and a healthy circulatory system

A Closer Look at the Benefits of Green and White Tea Robert Pastore, Ph.D. Archeological evidence suggests that tea leaves steeped in boiling water were consumed as many as 500,000 years ago. Botanical evidence indicates that India and China were among the first countries to cultivate tea. The English are known for their love of tea. Americans invented the tea bag and began the practice of drinking iced tea in the early 1900s. Today, hundreds of millions of people drink tea around the world, and studies are now suggesting that green and white tea have numerous health benefits.

Hypertension: A Natural Approach
The body's ability to maintain its blood pressure is vital to life. Chronic hypertension is a major coronary heart disease risk factor. Hypertension contributes to half a million strokes and over a million heart attacks each year. The higher the blood pressure above the normal 120/80 mmHg, the greater the risk of heart disease. This condition is sometimes referred to as the silent killer, since people usually cannot feel the physical effects of high blood pressure.

Did your get up and go get up and leave?
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Although there are factors such as overall state of health or having one of many illnesses, such as thyroid abnormalities, affecting and draining energy reserves, many people feel tired all the time seemingly without an identifiable cause. If you fit this profile, help is on the way.

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