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Complete E 400 IU 60 Gel

Complete E 400 IU 60 Gel

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Manufacturer: Metabolic Response Modifiers
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Product Description
Complete E is a full spectrum Vitamin E with Tocotrienols, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that exists in eight different forms. Each form has its own biological activity, the measure of potency or functional use in the body. Alpha-tocopherol is the most abundant form of vitamin E in humans, and is a powerful biological antioxidant. Antioxidants such as vitamin E act to protect your cells against the effects of free radicals, which are potentially damaging by-products of the bodys metabolism. Free radicals can cause cell damage that may contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Studies are underway to determine whether vitamin E might help prevent or delay the development of those chronic diseases.Vitamin E also protects cell membranes and other fat-soluble parts of the body, such as LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol), from damage. Only when LDL is damaged does cholesterol appear to lead to heart disease, and vitamin E is an important antioxidant protector of LDL. However, other recent double-blind trials have found either limited benefit, or no benefit at all from supplementation with synthetic vitamin E. Wheat germ oil, nuts and seeds, whole grains, egg yolks, and leafy green vegetables all contain vitamin E.

Tocotrienols are members of the vitamin E family. Like vitamin E, tocotrienols are potent antioxidants against lipid peroxidation (the damaging of fats by oxidation). Human studies indicate that, in addition to their antioxidant activity, tocotrienols have other important functions, especially in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. In a double-blind study in patients with severe blocked arteries, the main artery supplying blood to the head—tocotrienol administration reduced the level of lipid peroxides in the blood leading to reductions in clogged arteries. Recent clinical investigations have reported that tocotrienols can reduce cholesterol level significantly.

Complete E, in addition to the power of Vitamin E and Tocotrienols, also contains the well studied Alpha Lipoic Acid and the well known Vitamin C to provide antioxidant protection to the extreme.

•Complete Antioxidant Protection
•Full Spectrum Vitamin E - Rich in Gamma Tocopherol
•Advanced Complex with 30mg Tocotrienols from Palm Fruit Extract
•With Vitamin E Recyclers/Free Radical Scavengers, ALA & Vitamin C

SERVING SIZE: 2 softgels
Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol) 400 IU
(natural tocopherol mixture & palm fruit extract)
Vitamin C (as ascorbyl palmitate) 120 mg
Natural Tocopherol Mixture 795 mg
d-alpha Tocopherol 260 mg
d-beta Tocopherol 15 mg
d-delta Tocopherol 212 mg
d-gamma Tocopherol 300 mg
Palm Fruit Tocotrienol Extract (supplying 30 mg d-tocotrienols) 76 mg
d-alpha Tocotrieno 8.75 mgl
d-beta & d-delta Tocotrienol 5 mg
d-gamma Tocotrienol 16 mg
d-alpha Tocopherol 8.75 mg
Squalene 7.5 mg
Phytosterols 2.7 mg
CoEnzyme Q10 30 mcg
Alpha Lipic Acid 50 mg
Gelatin, sesame oil and carob.
Free of common allergens.

Take 2 softgels daily with a meal or as directed by your qualified healthcare provider.

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