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Ophiopogon Plus Formula 2 oz

Ophiopogon Plus Formula 2 oz

Code: 396027
Price: USD $17.10
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Category: Professional
Manufacturer: Far East Summit
Mfr Code: ZC-02.OPHIOPP

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Product Description
Sha Shen Mai Dong/Bai He Gu Jia Ting. Nourishes yin and moistens the lungs, transforms phlegm and suppresses cough.

Use 1 to 3 droppers, three times daily, or as directed by your health care professional. Shake well before using. Do not use during pregnancy unless recommended by your health care professional.

Lily bulb, Armeniaca seed, Ophiopogon root, Glehnia root, Codonopsis root, Chinese Asparagus root, Dendrobium herb, Trichosanthes root, Platycodon grandiflorum root, White Mulberry leaf and root bark, Pumice, Pinellia rhizome, Jujube date, Chinese Licorice root, Polygonatum (yu zhu) rhizome. Herbs processed using grain alcohol, vegetable glycerine and water. Alcohol content 20-30.

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