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End Fatigue Pain Formula 90 tabs

End Fatigue Pain Formula 90 tabs

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Product Description
End Fatigue™ Pain Formula supplement contains clinically studied ingredients for the relief of occasional muscle pain due to overuse.† End Fatigue Pain Formula was developed by Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., recognized pain expert. End Fatigue Pain Formula combines white willow bark, boswellia, and cherry fruit extract in a unique, exclusive formula that is well-tolerated by individuals seeking relief for occasional muscle pain due to overuse.†

End Fatigue Pain Formula features:
•Clinically studied ingredients
•High potency, yet well tolerated, formula
•Relieves pain associated with overexertion†
•Immediate benefits that improve with continued use†
•Developed by recognized pain and energy expert, Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D.


With busy schedules being the norm, and people being more active even later in life, occasional pain from overuse or exertion is common for many individuals. Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., a recognized expert in the fields of energy and pain, created this formula to provide natural relief of occasional pain associated with overexertion.†

How Does It Work?

White willow
White willow (Salix alba) bark's key ingredient is salicin, a glycoside that is converted into salicylic acid by the liver.† Salicylic acid from white willow supports healthy levels prostaglandins, compounds generated by the COX pathway and involved in the body's natural anti-inflammatory response.† Beneficial support has been noted in multiple clinical trials, including a recent study in which 50% of participants (compared to 6% of the placebo group) reported relief of occasional pain due to overuse.† The adverse effects reported in these trials have generally been very mild. In a study of willow bark, more adverse events were reported in the placebo group than in the group receiving the white willow bark extract.†

Boswellia serrata Gum Resin
An ingredient used for thousands of years, current research shows that Boswellia serrata supports the body's own anti-inflammatory response.† Recent investigations also suggest that inhibition of inflammatory compounds in the body may also provide support of healthy cell development.†

A recent randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical study of Boswellia serrata produced a significant decrease in occasional pain and stiffness due to overuse.† All the participants continued to take boswellia even after the completion of the study.

Cherry fruit extract
Cherry fruit (Prunus avium) extract has been demonstrated to support healthy uric acid levels, a factor linked to healthy range of motion.† Recent research has shown that anthocyanins in cherry fruit may also modulate cyclooxygenase I and II activity, supporting the body's own anti-inflammatory abilities.†

Fatigued to Fantastic! End Pain† includes ingredients that are time-tested and vigorously researched for natural relief of occasional pain due to overuse and exertion.†

Serving Size: 1 Tablet
Sweet Cherry Fruit Extract 10:1 ...333mg
(Prunus avium)
Boswellia Serrata Gum Resin Extract ...300mg
standardized to contain 70% boswellic acids
White Willow Bark Extract ...133mg
standardized to contain 30% salicin

OTHER INGREDIENTS: cellulose, modified cellulose gum, modified cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, vegetable juice color, soy lecithin, and carnauba wax.

Does Not Contain:
sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, dairy products, artificial flavoring, preservatives or ingredients of animal origin

Take 1 tablet three (3) times daily. May increase to two (2) tablets three (3) times daily, if needed for additional support. Though relief will be noted immediately, continued use may be needed to achieve maximum effects.

Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if you have an ulcer, or if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not use if you are allergic to or have contraindications to aspirin or other salicylates. If you are taking blood-thinning or other prescription drugs, consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product. Discontinue use two (2) weeks prior to surgery or if stomach upset occurs.

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