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Wild Oregano Essence 12 oz
Wild Oregano Essence 12 oz Quantity in Basket: None
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Category: Professional
Manufacturer: Physician's Strength
Mfr Code: 213
Oregano Essence is a highly aromatic extract made from wild oregano. The oregano is entirely wild and grows high in the mountains-up to 12,000 feet above sea level. This means that the wild oregano is an excellent source of natural oxygen, which the plants concentrate from mountain air. In contrast to oil of oregano, Oregano Essence is exceptionally rich in oxygen, due to the fact that juice and oxygen mix. Remember, oxygen is the most critical nutrient, especially for the brain and other internal organs.

Thats why it is fantastic both as a physical and mental tonic. It is such an exceptional tonic, many people find that they cannot go a day without it if they want to achieve optimal strength and energy. You can take Oregano Essence every day, especially for a boost in energy.Take it as a digestive tonic; it really stimulates the digestive juices. Yet, it also helps decrease excessive appetites.

However, its foremost use is as an oxygen tonic. We sorely need oxygen. Now that the earth has been deforested and the atmosphere polluted, we cant get as much oxygen as we need. Here is an easy way to consume natural oxygen, because oregano juice contains a wide variety of substances called oxygenated compounds. These compounds contain oxygen which occurs naturally from the plants; no synthetic oxygen is added.

Synthetic oxygen is potentially caustic, but plant oxygen is entirely safe. Drinking Oregano Essence is the perfect way to ingest the oxygen we need. Remember, the purpose of plants is to produce oxygen; that is what keeps us alive. Oregano Essence has ancient uses. For hundreds of years it has been relied upon as a health booster and disease fighter. So if you wish to stimulate your bodys functions to improve your digestion, metabolism, and circulation, drink your juice every day.

SERVING SIZE: 2 Tablespoons
Wild Oregano Herb Essence...............700 mg
Ingredients: Natural spring water and oregano aromatic essence from wild oregano herb.

Drink 1 to 2 tablespoons daily.
1. Drink the juice straight in the morning with breakfast (for tough folks).
2. Add the juice to any vegetable or fruit juice. Best juices: tomato and V-8.
3. Add the juice to salt water as an internal tonic or gargle (salt aids in absorption).

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