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Thyroid Response Complete Care 90 tab

Thyroid Response Complete Care 90 tab

Code: 312052
Price: USD $54.96
Shipping Weight 1.00 pounds
Category: Professional
Manufacturer: Innate Response Formulas
Mfr Code: 40107
NDC: 051494401071

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Product Description
Thyroid Response- Complete Care
Our Most Comprehensive Thyroid Formula

Thyroid Response- Complete Care is a synergistic combination of nutrients, herbs, and trace mineral rich foods that strengthen thyroid health and function. Thyroid nutrients include iodine, selenium and the amino acid tyrosine. Sensoril, an ashwagandha extract, revitalizes metabolic processes associated with stress and fatigue.*
Ashwagandha supports thyroid function.*
Guggul rejuvenates the thyroid.*
Coleus forskohlii root contains forskolin, an activator of cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate).
Holy basil (Ocimum santum) enhances metabolic function.*
Bladderwrack (Laminaria digitata) provides iodine, a key component in the manufacture of thyroid hormones.*
Non-glandular formula – suitable for vegetarians and non-vegetarians

Suggested Use: Two tablets qd, or prn

NOTE: Not recommended during pregnancy unless directed by a Health Care Provider.

Serving Size 2 Tablets
Servings per Container 15 or 45
Calories <1
Total Fat 37 mg
Total Carbohydrate 91 mg
Dietary Fiber 0 mg
Sugars 81 mg
Protein 24 mg

Iodine (S. cerevisiae 11 mg) 150 mcg
Selenium (S. cerevisiae 50 mg) 50 mcg
Guggul1 (Commiphora mukul) Gum Resin 5:1,
2.5 total Guggulsterones 300 mg
Holy Basil Leaf (Ocimum sanctum) 10:1 250 mg
Sensoril1 Ashwagandha Root Leaf Extract
8 withanolides (Withania somnifera) 200 mg
Coleus forskohlii root 8 Forskolin 150 mg

Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus) 75 mg
Laminaria digitata 75 mg
Irish Moss (Chrondrus crispus) 75 mg

L-Tyrosine 500 mg

Carob Pod 50 mg
Carrot 4:1 50 mg

Rice Bran, Guar Gum, Vegetable Lubricant, Silica, Food Glaze.
Sensoril is a patented stress management extract that helps to revitalize metabolic processes associated with stress,restlessness and fatigue.*
Iodine is provided in its FoodState and supported with sea plants rich in essential trace elements. Iodine and the Amino
Acid L- Tyrosine are required in the production of thyroid hormones.

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