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6/30/2013 Guna Sleep and Lipotropic Complex
7/29/2012 Experimental drug may extend therapeutic window for stroke
7/27/2012 Obesity may affect response to breast cancer treatment
7/25/2012 Helping Alzheimer's patients stay independent
7/23/2012 A good night's sleep could keep you out of a nursing home
7/22/2012 HIV drug reduces graft-vs.-host disease in bone marrow transplant patients, Penn study shows
7/20/2012 Researchers determine structure of 'batteries' of the biological clock
7/18/2012 Liver stiffness predicts liver failure, cancer and mortality in cirrhotic patients
7/16/2012 New York University scientists discover possible treatment to reduce scarring
7/15/2012 Study: Kids with behavior problems, disabilities bullied more, more likely to bully others
7/13/2012 Viewing images of high-calorie foods brings on high-calorie cravings, USC research finds
7/11/2012 Blood test for pregnant women could predict risk of having dangerously small babies
7/9/2012 Success of fertility treatment may approach natural birth rate
7/8/2012 USC Norris clinicians discuss cancer research results
7/6/2012 Computer program aids blood-sugar control among critically ill
7/4/2012 Diving seabirds: Working hard and living long
7/2/2012 Sports and energy drinks responsible for irreversible damage to teeth
7/1/2012 Antioxidant shown to reduce blindness risk in extremely premature babies
6/29/2012 Offspring of older fathers may live longer
6/27/2012 Protein may be key to psoriasis and wound care
6/24/2012 Smoking during pregnancy linked to severe asthma in teen years
6/25/2012 Unhealthy lifestyles have little impact on sperm quality
6/20/2012 Vitamin D with calcium shown to reduce mortality in elderly
6/18/2012 Stanford/USC study finds little cognitive benefit from soy supplements for older women
6/17/2012 Novel brain imaging technique explains why concussions affect people differently
6/15/2012 Cancer drugs: Better, cheaper
6/13/2012 Medical marijuana outlets not linked to crime
6/11/2012 To quit smoking, try eating more veggies and fruits
6/8/2012 Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation Shown to Impact Walking Patterns
6/6/2012 Flu shot during pregnancy shows unexpected benefits in large study
6/4/2012 A new method for picking the 'right' egg in IVF
6/3/2012 Cholesterol-lowering drugs may slow prostate growth
6/1/2012 Brain cell changes may cause sleep troubles in aging
5/30/2012 Sports and energy drinks responsible for irreversible damage to teeth
5/28/2012 Surgical removal of abdominal fat reduces skin cancer in mice
5/27/2012 UNC study shows potential to revive abandoned cancer drug by nanoparticle drug delivery
5/25/2012 Deep brain stimulation may hold promise for mild Alzheimer's disease
5/23/2012 Safer sex work spaces reduce violence and HIV risks for street-involved women
5/21/2012 Anti-smoking drug decreases alcohol consumption in heavy-drinking smokers
5/20/2012 Unmasking black pepper's secrets as a fat fighter
5/18/2012 A middle-ear microphone
5/16/2012 High-fat diet lowered blood sugar and improved blood lipids in diabetics
5/14/2012 New Study Published on Fertility Awareness among American University Students
5/13/2012 Pleasure eating triggers body's reward system and may stimulate overeating
5/9/2012 Aged hematopoietic stem cells rejuvenated to be functionally younger
5/7/2012 Berries keep your brain sharp
5/4/2012 Will women use microbicides to protect themselves against HIV?
5/2/2012 TV alcohol advertising may play role in underage drinking
4/30/2012 Huge study finds brain networks connected to teen drug abuse
4/29/2012 USC team tracks down cause of birth defect
4/27/2012 University of Illinois study shows soy protein alleviates symptoms of fatty liver disease
4/25/2012 Seeing double: 1 in 30 babies born in US is a twin
4/23/2012 Women with heart disease more likely to have baby girls
4/22/2012 Genetic adaptation of fat metabolism key to development of human brain
4/20/2012 Sex, tools and chromosomes
4/18/2012 Less sleep, disrupted internal 24-hour clock means higher risk of diabetes and obesity
4/16/2012 Children with Down syndrome faced with implicit stereotyping based on facial features
4/15/2012 Scientists identify major source of cells' defense against oxidative stress
4/13/2012 Follow-up studies to the RV144 HIV vaccine trial give clues about protection from HIV
4/11/2012 Trinity researchers report major eye disease breakthrough
4/9/2012 Young women at growing risk of drunk-driving crashes
4/8/2012 Obesity raises death risk tied to sleeping pills
4/6/2012 Fatty diets may be associated with reduced semen quality
4/4/2012 Testosterone low, but responsive to competition, in Amazonian tribe
4/2/2012 Being bilingual wards off symptoms of dementia
4/1/2012 Will you have a heart attack? New test can possibly predict
3/30/2012 How music prevents organ rejection
3/28/2012 Marijuana-like chemicals inhibit human immunodeficiency virus in late-stage AIDS
3/26/2012 Medically prescribed heroin more effective, less costly than current methadone treatment
3/25/2012 Fasting weakens cancer in mice
3/23/2012 A simple, low-cost yoga program can enhance coping and quality of life for the caregivers
3/21/2012 Nearly 800,000 deaths prevented due to declines in smoking
3/18/2012 Maternal obesity may influence brain development of premature infants
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