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Virility Tabs 90 Tablets

Virility Tabs 90 Tablets

Code: 859091
Price: USD $27.90
Shipping Weight 1.00 pounds
Category: Professional
Manufacturer: Health Concerns

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Product Description

Virility Tabs by Health Concerns is an herbal supplement designed to promote a healthy reproductive system in men. Virility Tabs primarily contain herbs that boost kidney Yang.
Tonifies the Qi and Blood
Warms the Fire Gate

Internal: 2 to 3 tablets, three times per day between meals
Kirin Ginseng Jilin Shen
Yu-piao Yu Biao
Cistanche Rou Cong Rong
Morinda Ba Ji Tian
Astragalus Huang Qi
Deer Antler Sediment Lu Jiao Shuang
Dipsacus Xu Duan
Tang-kuei Dang Gui
Psoralea Bu Gu Zhi
Eucommia Du Zhong
Cynamorium Suo Yang
Rehmannia Shu Di Huang
Cardamon Sha Ren
Gelatin E Jiao
Cinnamon Bark Rou Gui
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