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Stomach Tabs 90 Tablets

Stomach Tabs 90 Tablets

Code: 859090
Price: USD $27.90
Shipping Weight 1.00 pounds
Category: Professional
Manufacturer: Health Concerns

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Product Description

Chinese Therapuetic Effects:
Disperses Stagnant Qi, Resolves Spleen Dampness
Dispels Food Stagnation, Resolves Stomach Phlegm
Slightly Warming
Therapuetic Actions:
Improves digestion, rids flatulence, relieves abdominal bloating, soothes acute and chronic gastritis as well as gastric and duodenal ulcer
Treats a wide range of chronic digestive disturbances–relieves inflammation, helps eliminate food allergies, and improves absorption of nutrients
Can be used symptomatically for motion sickness

Internal: 2 to 3 tablets, 3 to 4 times per day 90 tablets, 650 mg, 9 to 15 day supply
Magnolia bark Hou Po
Citrus Chen Pi
Pinellia Ban Xia
Red Atractylodes Cang Zhu
Ginger Gan Jiang
Licorice Gan Cao
Bupleurum Chai Hu
Oryza Gu Ya
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