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Astra 18 Diet 90 Tablets

Astra 18 Diet 90 Tablets

Code: 859027
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Category: Professional
Manufacturer: Health Concerns

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Product Description

Chinese Therapuetic Effects:
Clears Dampness, Tonifies Spleen Qi
Disperses Stagnant Qi, Softens Hard Masses
Clears Phlegm
Therapuetic Actions:
Treats eating disorders involving abdominal bloating, edema, phlegm, congestion, fatigue, and loose or erratic stools.
Useful as part of a weight loss program with Astra Diet Tea.
Treats arthritis accompanied by extensive swelling, redness, and numbness.

Internal: 2 to 4 tablets, 3 times per day Take 1-2 hour before meals with 2 large glasses of water or Astra Diet Tea 90 tablets, 750 mg, 15 day supply
Astragalus root Huang Qi
Alisma rhizome Ze Xie
Gardenia fruit Zhi Zi
Cyperus rhizome Xiang Fu
Coix seed Yi Yi Ren
Tang Kuei root Dang Gui
White Peony root Bai Shao
White Atractylodes rhizome Bai Zhu
Platycodon root Jie Geng
Sargassum herb Hai Zao
Crataegus fruit Shan Zha
Scute root Huang Qin
Ginger rhizome Gan Jiang
Laminaria leaf Kun Bu
Magnolia bark Hou Pu
Pinellia rhizome Ban Xia
Citrus peel Chen Pi
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