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NatCell Mesenchyme 8 vial (Frozen) 7 ml

NatCell Mesenchyme 8 vial (Frozen) 7 ml

Code: 842032
Price: USD $284.70
Shipping Weight 1.00 pounds
Category: Professional
Manufacturer: Biotherapies / Atrium Bio
Mfr Code: AMS010

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All frozen CarTcell & NatCell products are shipped FedEx OR UPS Next Days with Dry Ice Delivery. Bayho adds extra $40 to your order for US customer/patient. International Order adds extra $100 and with Paypal payment only.

To supplement the system with stimulating factors extracted from mesenchymal tissues

NatCell® Liquid Molecular Extracts are tissue specific growth and cell signaling factor concentrates.

Atrium Biotechnologies, in collaboration with its parent company Aeterna Laboratories, has developed a patented biotechnology process to isolate and concentrate molecules in their natural, most beneficial state. This hi-tech process allows for selection of desired molecules according to their size and weight. Once the desired fraction of molecules is concentrated they are bottled under aseptic conditions and flash frozen. Throughout this elaborate manufacturing process, the proteins are never exposed to anything but pure water. No heat or chemicals are involved, the end-product is a 100% natural, concentrated fresh molecular compound of the highest possible bioavailability.

This patented process can be applied to different natural source materials depending on which tissue specific factors are desired.

NatCell® products are available as tissue specific extracts or in condition specific mixtures. These highly specialized food supplements are available through health care professionals around the globe.

NatCell® Mesenchyme provides a high concentration of neurotrophic and other growth factors necessary for normal nervous system function, muscular contractions, nerve impulses and endocrine functions.

Suggested Use: Oral Use Only
One bottle per week on empty stomach or as recommended by a physician. Thaw the product immeidately before consumption; hold in the palm of your hand to accelerate the thawing process. To assess maximum potency, keep forzen until use.

Serving Size: 1 bottle x 7 ml
Porcine Mesenchyme Aqueous Extract (1:1) 7 ml
Other Ingredients: None

Quantity - 8, 7 mL vials
This item is shipped Frozen

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