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Green Vitamins can provide holistic therapy for the body as a whole.

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Bayho wants to be your source for specialized, vitamin, nutritional dietary supplements and mineral supplements (also green vitamins). Whether you are looking for stress relief or energy pills, a diabetic supplement or defense of flue and colds you will find help here. Our site is loaded with self-help information to help you on your way toward holistic healing and alternative therapy treatments. Here at Bayho we believe that due to the decreased nutritional content of everyday foods from mass produced agriculture, everyone needs a good quality, energy multi-vitamin, nutritional dietary supplements, mineral supplements and green vitamins. Our green vitamins is your multi-vitamin answer. It is made with fresh nutrients formulated in a base of stomach friendly organisms to help you absorb these nutrients. If you need iron, and most people do not, it should be taken in between meals with perhaps a cracker.

Researchers have discovered that raw vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants and phytochemicals. Anti-Oxidants such as green tea, vitamin A, C and E help protect the cells against damage from oxidation. Too many harmful free radicals can also cause cell damage and start the process of many diseases. Anti-Oxidants are natural compounds which help protect the body from these harmful free radicals. Furthermore, phytochemicals found in raw vegetables also serve as powerful ammunition in the war against diseases, such as cancer. For example, cancer can begin when a carcinogenic molecule from the food we eat or the air we breathe invades a cell. When a phytochemical is present it activates a group of enzymes that whisk the carcinogen out of the cell before it can cause damage. Superfoods are nutrient dense whole food concentrates and extracts designed to maximize nutritional yield while eliminating the need for mass volumes. This uniquely engineered Superfood contributes nutritive compounds and essential precursors that support every critical health function in the body.

Some people are concerned about building their immunity, particularly in the autumn and winter. For this we have an herbal anti-oxidant formulated to boost the immune system. We believe all people also need an omega oil supplement. The products we sell is a premier blend of omega oils 3 (fish oils), 6 and 9 to give you these essential fatty acids in the right proportion to each other. These are nutrients that support healthy joints, brain functions and digestive track. Holistic healing is therapy for the body as a whole. When your body is in harmony you have achieved holistic health. Making sure that your vitamins and minerals are in the correct proportions is one aspect of holistic healing. To that end we have made available to you information on our website.

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