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Old April 3rd, 2010, 05:06 PM
Alejandra Alejandra is offline
Join Date: Sep 2009
Posts: 45
Default Netflix for Games?

I was wondering. Does anyone know of any websites that have services or things that are similar or exactly like Netflix, except you can get it for video games? Because I would want to rent some games, but it costs ten bucks for 5 days at Blockbuster, and I really don't like that. I would prefer to do something like what netflix offers.
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Old April 6th, 2010, 05:04 PM
Jazlyn Jazlyn is offline
Join Date: Sep 2009
Posts: 55

omg!!! i forgot what the name of the site is called but my boyfriend use to work at gamestop and he told me there is a site that does exactly what netflixs does but with games.. i'll find out for you when i get back home! let you know when i get back on here =)
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Old April 7th, 2010, 02:55 PM
Zoie Zoie is offline
Join Date: Sep 2009
Posts: 71

sorry i cant be of any help but i do know that if you do go to a game store some of them have places that they know of that rent you games like netflicks does that way you do not have to buy them all the time. i would tell you to try block buster or other places like that but as far as i know all of our local blockbusters are closing so im assuming that there will no longer be open..
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Old April 10th, 2010, 02:23 PM
Claire Sully Claire Sully is offline
Join Date: Sep 2009
Posts: 65

I need to ask around because I would want to play a game for a longer period of time for ten bucks...ten bucks for 5 days, you would have to put a lot of time in the game to get a lot out of it, and since I'm really busy, I won't have enough time for either games or my work. D:

I'll look up Netflix for Games on the internet.
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Old April 10th, 2010, 02:30 PM
Daphne Sutton Daphne Sutton is offline
Join Date: Sep 2009
Posts: 43

I know the website. it is From what I could tell, it seems that the mode for it is run in the exact same way as Netflix does. However, unlike Netflix, you have Games. I haven't done the service, but I will have to check it out because it definately sounds interesting to me. *goes to see what it is about.*
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Old April 17th, 2010, 03:11 PM
Hortense Wool Hortense Wool is offline
Join Date: Sep 2009
Posts: 39

Gamefly pretty much is Netflix for games essentially. You pay a monthly fee, and you get one game per month. You can pay more to get more games per month, and it may be good fi you play a lot, or only intend on trying games out. However, it's a monthly fee, and this is all intending on you playing these games day and not, so I'm not sure if it's ultimateyly a great idea, at elast wtih other games you can find on ebay or craigs'ist.
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