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a nice gift is a throw blanket with a pretty picture is always nice another great gift idea is if your grandma is able to get around and can travel make coupons the are valid for activitys you can do with her. "take shopping at the mall", " grab dinner at a restraunt of her choice", "spend the night at your house", "clean her house", diffrent things like that are always nice. i make one for my grandma a year ago. hers included "spend the weekend at my appartment with me", "go to san diego for dinner one evening", "get our hair and nails done together",and one "home cooked meal provided by me". she loved them. all had terms and conditions on the back like a real coupon. ( ex- must let me know a week in advance before using the coupon, not combined with any other coupons. silly things like that. she had the best time.
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