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Default Cold sore for the First time

this is NOO GOOD! noooo good at alll!!! i have this horrible cold sore on my upper lip and i HATE IT. it's my first time getting it and i hate hate hate hate it. on tuesday morning when i was getting ready for school i felt this tendness on my lip. and i told my boyfriend, aww man i have this little pimple growing on my lip (i didn't know it was a cold sore in the making) it wasn't so noticable until the NEXT morning when i woke up. AHHHHHHHHHH. i wanted to cry because that thing went from a little unnoticable pimple to borderline monstrous. maybe i'm overreacting a tad but it was so painful i didn't even want ot go to school. but i had too because i had 3 exams that day. it's embarrassing and painful. i tried albreva and it's doing a little something but is there anything else i can do with this little devil? sorry i know it's long but i had to vent it out somewhere.
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