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What is your general policy?
Bayho stands behind every product we sell. If we have made an error, we will correct it. Bayho reserves quantity rights for product purchases. Merchandise pricing is subject to change without prior notice. We reserve the right to correct or change such prices on this site. We may terminate your access to all or part of the site without notice, for any conduct that we, in our sole discretion, believe to be in violation of any applicable law or to be harmful to the interests of others. If Bayho has to go through collection agency to recover amount owed, there is a flat fee of $50 collection charge for each order.

How can I download order form?
Please click on the link:
MS Word Order Form

Do you pay for second-tier or third tier affiliates?
This is a one tier affiliate program. Bayho only pays to the account holder directly and will not pay any of your down line.

What is your payout threshold and payment date?
The payout threshold is $50, once you pass the threshold a check will be sent to you on the last Friday of each month.

Why Bayho recommended all patients and customer to order online?

When placing your order, you may take advantage of our On-Line Shopping Cart System, which offers the following benefits:

1. Your name and address are correctly spelled.

2. You will get an email statement of your order right away.

3. You save the $5.00 phone order charge.

4. It will save us time in processing your order, as you will be doing the order entry.

5. As for the security of transmitting your data, Bayho uses the latest in encryption technologies (128 bit), and is fully involved in Web Commerce. You can see the lock in your browser for verification.

6. You will have the opportunity to rate Bayho, and if you have any unresolved complaints (we will do our best to prevent this from happening!), you can contact our service monitor

This being said, you are always welcome to call us at:


What is the sample picture posted at Bayho?
Bayho use sample pictures for items when we do not yet have the real picture. It is a similar bottle from the same brand. Our staff is continuously working to update pictures for every product in stock, so customers and patients can see the real products on-line.

Why are your product ingredients listed at the web page different from the bottle?
At Bayho, we try our best to keep product info up-to-date but manufacturers change ingredients very often. Some of the product info may be out dated or different from the bottle. If you have questions, it is your responsibility to check with other sources for product info before you buy. Bayho is not liable for ingredients changed.

Why it is recommended to contact Bayho by email?
You are kept informed throughout the duration of the problem. All communication is saved in our server with a time stamp. A log history of all contact will be available under your email address for 3 months.

What should I do with a back ordered item?
On occasion, an item may be temporarily out of stock. However, every attempt will be made to deliver your order completely. Should there be a delay, we will email you within 3 business days.

Please respond indicating whether you would prefer us to back order this product or have that portion of the order cancelled. A refund is issued as necessary.

What is your company address?
Please use this address for sending in payments and returns:
Bayho, Inc.
POB 1771
Walnut, CA 91788

What are HealthPoints Rewards for member?
In order to reward loyal patients and customers, Bayho has a HealthPoints Reward program to pay for your supplements or consultation.

Earning points is easy with HealthPoints Reward. Earn 1 point for every $1.00 in purchases you make at Bayho, Inc. Consultation appointments cannot be used to earn HealthPoints but you can use HealthPoints to pay for them.

Program Rules:
1. All patients and customers with an account are automatically enrolled in HealthPoints Reward.
2. HealthPoints can be used to redeem any supplements and consultation offered at Bayho, Inc.
3. The Bayho server calculates the amount of points that can be used during purchase. Please click the “redeem point” button at the bottom of payment page for saving.
4. Accounts cannot be combined to accumulate points. We recommended you set up one account for purchase only.
5. Account with Monthly Volume > 100,000 USD does not qualify for HealthPoints Reward program.
6. You must log in to your account for HealthPoints Reward; HealthPoints cannot apply to a previous order.
7. "Purchased without an Account" order has zero point. This order cannot be applied later to an account for points.
8. Shipping and Handling and tax cannot be paid by HealthPoints.
9. HealthPoints expire in 1 year if you do not use them.

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