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Y-Snore Products

Ysnore treats the cause of snoring. Ysnore reduces nasal inflamation and congestion.

The most common cause of snoring results from fatty tissue which narrows the nasal airway. This causes you to breathe through the mouth. As the muscle tone of the soft palate weakens, breathing then becomes noisy as the soft palate vibrates.

Ysnore works by increasing the air flow through the nasal valves, relieving congestion and improving breathing, Ysnore treats the cause of snoring, not the effect.

Ysnore is a patented all natural product made from the extracts of ginger root and yam.Clinical trials at Stanford University proved that 65% of those tested either completely curtailed or greatly diminished their snoring.

  • Available in 5ml Nasal Drops, and 20ml Nasal Spray
  • Ysnore treats the cause of snoring rather than the effect of snoring.
  • Ysnore works by increasing air flow through the nasal valves, relieving congestion and improving breathing. By not breathing through your mouth, there is no air intake to cause vibration of the soft palate (uvula).
  • Ginger root has a long history of use as a botanical with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Ysnore may not work for everybody, and results vary by individual.
  • Ysnore is available at your local pharmacy, supermarket or health food store.

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