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Xlear History

Xlear Products

About Xlear
Founded in 2000, Xlear, Inc. is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of xylitol products.

Xlear, Inc. is committed to providing consumers with the health benefits of xylitol by manufacturing all-natural, health-enhancing products.

Xlear® Nasal Spray is an award-winning, patented saline and xylitol solution; a complete line of dental health products under the Spry Dental Defense System® brand; XyloSweet®, raw xylitol crystals used as a sugar substitute in cooking, baking and general consumption; and SparX® Candy, a growing line of healthy, xylitol-based candies.

The History of Xlear
Xlear Inc. was founded in June of 2000 to launch the company's first commercially available product, Xlear® Nasal Spray.

Since that time, Xlear has grown to be recognized as an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality, all natural xylitol products. This includes the Spry Dental Defense System® product line-designed by Xlear to substantially improve overall oral health.

Dr. Alonzo H. Jones, D.O., Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at Texas Tech University Medical School studied the research pointing to the benefits of Xylitol (a naturally occurring sweetener) for improving oral health and its effects on bacteria.

He noted that upper respiratory problems had been steadily increasing since the early 1970s, owing to environmental factors that include poorly conceived drug therapy and growing antibiotic resistance.

He also understood that most upper respiratory problems were linked to chronic inadequate nasal hygiene. Studies show that 90% of bacteria enter through the nose. He set out to find a preventative treatment to address these growing problems.

In simple non-medical terms, clinical studies have shown that oral Xylitol administered in syrup and chewing gum may reduce the risk of tooth decay. The studies indicated many of the bacteria found in the nose and mouth ingested Xylitol but could not metabolize it.

This prevented the production of harmful by products. Xylitol also helped to moisturize the nasal passages to relieve irritation and dryness.

Based on this research, Xlear product formulation began and clinical studies followed with the product introduction to the market in June of 2000. In his own words, Dr. Jones explains his feelings about this revolutionary, patented product:

"When I first found out what using Xlear's nasal spray did for children, I was really excited. I wanted to share Xlear with everyone."

Xlear Product Line
Since that time, sales of Xlear products including Xlear Nasal Spray have skyrocketed. Scores of individual users evangelize the product based on their own personal experience and growing numbers of health practitioners are recommending Xlear® to their patients.

Recognizing the dental benefits of xylitol, in November of that same year Xlear introduced a line of dental products consisting of chewing gum and mints, as a delivery method for oral xylitol. To see these Xlear products, visit our Spry Dental page.

Then in May of 2003 Xlear launched the Spry Dental Defense System®, adding toothpaste to the product line and enhancing the delivery method of oral xylitol for improved oral health.

Xlear Inc. continues to innovate, create and distribute the highest quality products available, including a new candy line, called SparX® that actually may reduce the risk of tooth decay as it is consumed.

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