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Wild Divine Project

Wild Divine Project Products

Founded in 2001 by Kurt R. Smith and Corwin Bell, the Wild Divine Project’s mission is to deliver an affordable, engaging, and effective self-care technology to the health & wellness community. Wild Divine’s products create compelling digital experiences that have transformative effects for the user with the focus on achieving a happy mind and healthy body through the use of biofeedback.

Biofeedback is a well-known and proven form of healthcare that has been used successfully in clinics for over thirty years for over 150 conditions. With the introduction of The Journey to Wild Divine in 2003, consumers can now use biofeedback either in conjunction with their doctor’s care or more importantly, at home without the need to go to the clinic.

Biofeedback is accepted as a successful tool for teaching people how to cope with stress and counteract it. And, as an effective self-care tool for stress reduction, biofeedback could have enormous impact not only on the wellness of our society but also on the financial burden of health care.

  • 66% of Americans are seeking help for stress
  • AMA states that stress is the cause in 80 to 85 percent of all human illness
  • 60-90% of primary care visits are stress/psychosocial related

    As we now know, stress pressures the body and leads to many forms of disease. Whether it’s hypertension, migraines, anxiety or depression, stress takes its toll on our physical and mental well-being.

    What this means is simply that every one of us must take responsibility for our own physical and mental health and empower ourselves to take care of our mind and bodies. This is the essence of what we offer to you with our latest release, Healing Rhythms—a deeply researched tool that you as the user can utilize to create balance and wellness in your life. Because in the end no computer or pill can bring to your life the basic elements to create a happy mind and healthy body—only you can do that through your own pursuit.

    We hope that our products can help you to find your own healing rhythm and that you guide yourself to a happy mind and a healthy body.

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