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Well-In-Hand Products

An article about Linda Doby and what it's like at Well-in-Hand written by Virginia Tech graduate in journalism, Casey Gillis in May, 2003.

Natural body care works! It is possible to positively affect many common health problems using readily available, simple alternatives. Natural Products is now a $35 billion industry. Be wary, however, of those companies claiming to be natural. I created all these high-benefit products for my own four children, myself, and my friends. Potency, purity and effectiveness were of paramount importance because they had to guarantee results for the most important people in the world. When bringing these same great, truly natural formulas to the marketplace, I certainly would not cut corners. Everyone can now benefit from this expert, loving touch.

Well-in-Hand Herbals promises to create, manufacture, and market only genuinely pure, natural and highly effective, ethically - priced topical medicinals. All products guarantee satisfaction. We formulate and blend with only responsibly grown and wildcrafted ingredients and ship every order in a timely fashion using reclaimed boxes, packing peanuts and bubble wraps.

Well-in-Hand Herbals, will positively and pleasantly effect lives en masse with an ever-increasing number of innovative and effectual products.

The old Lincoln log barn groaned with each breeze as it leaned unsafely to the south. It just had to come down. To keep the children safe I grabbed a crow bar and, for days, yanked a century of rusty nails from some 70 red oak logs.

This left me with a case of tendinitis that rendered my wrist use less and caused me to lose my sense of humor! Taking down that old barn, however, proved to be a pivotal moment in my life and subsequently in the lives of many other people suffering from pain, inflammation and stiffness.

Drawing upon 20 years of the practical use of plants and motivated by relentless pain, I created an herbal and aromatherapy formula and applied it to my wrist whenever the pain reminded me. Eventually, I simply forgot I needed treatment!

I took the formula to the Second International Herb Symposium in Boston where master herbalists judged it "Outstanding" and awarded it Grand Prize.

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