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Weber & Weber

Weber & Weber Products

For more than 50 years, deals Weber & Weber in the exploration and development of innovative biological medicines. High-quality ingredients and the use of modern technology are the basis for our well-tolerated and effective medicines from nature.

Research for the Health
Our goal: Existing and new products based on natural substances. It invests Weber & Weber million each year in innovative research, we and others of good preparations (eg Petadolex ®, Otovowen ®), pharmacological and clinical studies by international standards.

The 2002 introduced orthomolecular product line Orthoexpert ® provides specialized, high-dose micro-nutrient combinations (such as vitamins and minerals) for a targeted risk management factors. Die hohe Dosierung beruht auf neuesten wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen. The high dose based on the latest scientific findings. Nur Studien, die in anerkannten Fachzeitschriften veröffentlicht worden sind, dienen dabei als Grundlage für die Auswahl der notwendigen Mikronährstoffe. Only studies in recognized journals published, serve as a basis for the selection of the necessary micro-nutrients.

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